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Online Retailers I Loved! (W/Pics)

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I have two to add now..and possibly a 3rd one (need to wait till I get home to see how the invitations turned out before I say anything)


We Offer Silk Flowers, Floral Supplies and Silk Wedding Flowers. - we are doing drowned centerpieces for our AHR and I got a total of 25 flowers from them for $70 bucks. They aren't anything I would use for a bouquet but for our centerpieces I coudln't beat the price!


http://www.theperfectcardbox.com/aboutkellymarie.html -We are using this lockable, turnable 4 sided 8x10 card box for our AHR. I can't wait to get it. I got what is called their "scratch and dent" sale for only $55 and free shipping! I think it is beautfiul and can't wait to use it after the AHR

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we need more of you to add your favorite online retailers! everyone probably has at least one, right? get to it! wink.gif

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