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Do you know of Cabo photographers Peter Hatton and Jeremy Herman?


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Hi girls/guys I was wondering if anyone knows who Peter Hatton is? He just called me on my cell to introduce himself and to see if I have a photographer yet, I guess I emailed him awhile back and just forgot....Well, I'm going to meet him (scheduled a appointment over phone just now) when I'm in Cabo July.

Do you know who Jeremy Herman is? Also a photographer....son of Bruce Herman.



I'm also meeting Juan Carlos...but I know who he is :)

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Originally Posted by mgreen View Post
Hey Andrea - didnt u just get back from Mexico? And you're going again in july?! You lucky lucky girl. Is Erik going with you this time?
Hi....Yeah I just got back from PV....:) Yes, Erik is coming with me to Cabo in July...it's mostly for him (to see Casa Del Mar, meet Maye, put $ down to save the date), his vacation time, though it is only for 4 days and he wants to go scuba diving....

I'm making sure he comes with me to Casa Del Mar with Maye and myself so we can pick food, date, see location, and $ but then he wants to disappear and go diving....and I'm going to have to interview photographers myself....
Hmph...kind of annoyed about that, but hey what can I do. At least I'm making sure he comes to hotel with me.
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Peter Hatton is the father of Jennifer Hatton who makes cakes in Cabo! Jennifer is Canadian and lives down in Cabo and makes amazing cakes!!! I went to her house and tried them when I was down there. She suggested her father for photography but we had already booked Juan. Juan's wife is good friends with Jennifer (& Juan talked to us about how delicious her cakes are), so I think everyone somehow knows everyone down there!! I haven't seen Peter's work but I'm sure he's good!

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