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EDR is awesome ... some non pro pics

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Hey Everyone,


I want to reassure EDR brides that it is incredible.

The resort itself is great (food is awesome, and I am used to GOOD food).


They did an amazing job of the wedding.

Better then I could have even dreamed or imagined!

Ill write a review in the review section later.

But since EDR somtimes gets a bad rep, I wanted to check in now!


Click on this link so see some photos.


WEDDINGBELLS Message Board Community: Non Pro Teaser Pics of our Destination Wedding



I used Claudia and while I have not seen the pro photos, I have no doubt they will be great.

She, personally, is incredible to work with. So Sweet and So Kind.

I feel blessed to have used her!

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OMG! Everything looked beautiful!! I love you're hair...did you get it done by the resort hairstylist?

I haven't really known what to think lately since not too many brides on here are getting married at EDR anymore, but, seeing your pics..makes me so happy and excited for my own day!

Congrats! I can't wait to read your review!

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I was super worried about getting it done there (and make up) ... and I didnt leave myself much time in case I hated it. HAHA. but not to worry - they are AWESOME. I loved my hair. I could tell they knew what they were doing. I just took a picture and they copied it perfect!

My one BM got her hair done too and its the FIRST updo she has liked and not ripped out immediately following!

They did a great job!



We got the shoes at Le Chateau - that might be a Canadian company only - fo super cheap! I wanted bright pink for myself and once I bought them I thought ... hmm, these would be cute for them too, so we all got them!

As for the dresses

I ordered them all from Nordstroms online - great price (I think $100 each). They are the Maggie London brand and there are lots of great bright pink ones on there by Maggie London.

The girls loved them and even wore them before the wedding for their own honeymoons (hahaha, atleast I know they werent lying when they said they could/would wear them again).

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