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Our Wedding Photographer...Recommendation and pictures

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Hi All,


I just want to recommend our photographer to anyone looking for one. We were just going to have the hotel do pictures, but my best friend recommended him (he shot her wedding). The whole picking a photographer thing was so overwhelming. Throughout everything, he was in Houston and we were in DC, but he was really responsive to our questions, and really reassuring about everything. Not to mention 2 weeks before the wedding we had to switch countries and he was great about all of the changes too.


As soon as he arrived in Costa Rica, he met us on the golf course and started taking pictures. He took so many pictures, my dad put away his camera. It was so cool the way he would take some pictures we thought, "What in the world is he doing??" but they turned out incredible. We are so happy we had him and now we have the memories forever. Here's a link to the slideshow he made of our pics http://www.jc2photo.com/darkroom/share/?n=darcieandsam (We got back on Thursday and had a reception on Saturday and he prepared this for the reception so we could show everyone our wedding pictures..it was so nice). Also, he was really easy to get along with, got along with all the guests and they really loved him.


So if you're looking for someone, I recommend Joe Cogliandro, his website is Houston Wedding Photography | Destination Wedding Photography | International Award Winning Photographers | J Cogliandro Photographers


If you have questions, I'd be happy to answer them!!


-Darcie Brooks

Costa Rica 11/11/2008

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You're right your photographer did a wonderful job on covering your wedding events! Your pics are gorgeous, and I LOVE that he included some wide angle panoramic shots ~ I dont see a lot of photographers doing this, and I think they're spectacular and capture the essence of how beautiful the scenery and atmosphere was during your time there. Congrats cheers.gif

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