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Jacqueline & Katrina- old playmates!

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Originally Posted by Jacqueline View Post
haha it is a small world! im going to see if i can dig up pictures! we def have some!

Jess you're our rekindle angel ;o)

also, another funny story- a few months back i met our bdw's kristendotcom (who is a doll btw ;o) on a maui thread i started, here she wrote me back saying she was going to be in maui the same time we were, at the same resort! after bs'ing we found out that HER HUSBAND and MY FI used to be playmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they grew up in jersey together, used to roll around on joe's living room floor wrestling, later her and her hubs moved but isnt that crazy too!!!! i love it. so now when we go to maui we're going to meet up!
That is so funny too about them wrestling!!
I can't wait till Maui!!!!

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car, you're from the NE too??


and it's true.. sometimes i try to explain the block party to dh and he just can't comprehend!


Originally Posted by carly View Post
That's awesome. And I have to say that nothing beats a NE block party, especially from when we were little.

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