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Secrets Maroma Brides

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    Posted 22 May 2011 - 03:59 PM

    Originally Posted by SMB2B 


    Gotta love the hacienda............its an amazing place


    What day did you get married??


    We did on May 5....


    I think i told you to go with Octavia didnt I?  Its one I recommended........??


    #782 NEMMERZ

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      Posted 22 May 2011 - 04:06 PM


      Originally Posted by SMB2B 

      It was just the 2 of us and was amazing!!


      I had my hair done in the spa and did my own make up.  Flowers were beautiful and those were included in the package.  I had lilies and daisys and a big lily for my hair.  We had the ceremony on the beach.  It was beautiful!!  but it rained ha ha / that is good luck though!!  We choose the 3 milk cake. yummy! and i used octaviomontes.com for photos.  really recommend him!  We had pics in the hacienda too and that is a must.  Good luck to all and any questions just ask!












      Hey u, i thought you were still in Mexico until the 27th??

      Gosh, I wish I was still there, it was the best 7 days of my life.....really......Secrets Maroma is the best really!!



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        Posted 23 May 2011 - 07:12 AM

        Congrats! Your pics look beautiful (and so do you!!)


        Question - where did you get that foot jewelery (looks like a flip flop without the bottom????) and what would you call that? Looks like a great alternative to jeweled Gladiator sandals which is what I was thinking of doing.... 

        Originally Posted by NEMMERZ 


        I hired outside the resort and got so much more for my money......


        $500 for 3 hours, 65 touched and printed pics delivered back to me two days later at the resort with a DVD of 350 pics for me to print out at home.......


        AKI Demi in Cancun


        Just something to look into, I know Juan was expensive for how little time he spent with you.


        I did alot of research for photographers on this site......


        Just my lil input.....


        Here is an awesome example....


        Wedding canvas pic 3 hacienda.JPG


        wedding canvas pic 2 walking on beach holding hands.JPGWedding Canvas pic 1 black and white.JPG


        Make sure to mention this abadoned hacienda a 5min walk down the beach, i got so many fabulous pics at this site...........



        opps sorry about the duplicate...




        Aki Demi also included the Trash the Dress in that price too.....something to consider....

        wedding front of hotel sunset gorgeous.jpg

        This picture I took, it is the front on the hotel at Sunset........

        wedding dj me kissing hacienda arch.jpg

        Again, family took this pic at the ol hacienda down the beach....its old and charming there..you must go for a walk there..


        wedding reflection pool at sunset.jpg

        Pic of the infinity pool and ocean I took at sunrise.....You wont ever want to leave this place...

        wedding dana in the pool side bed.jpg

        Pool beds are awesome......and very clean too..this again was early, everyone still sleeping.wedding sunset orange on infinity.jpg

        Again, my personal pic at sunrise at the pool....Should be a postcard!!


        Back to the photographer, just do some research, you will find there are some good deals out there, you just have to dig a little if you dont look into my photographer Aki Demi Photograpy.


        Secrets Maroma Beach - December 9, 2011

        Bride & Groom + 40.... What a perfect day!!!!

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          Posted 23 May 2011 - 01:18 PM

          Hey Sara


          Those on my feet are called barefoot jewelry or barefoot sandals.


          They still look brand new, the held up awesome!!


          I bought them on ebay sooooooooo long ago so not sure exactly where.


          I was going to list them on this forum for sale, i bought them for $30 plus shipping, i was gonna sell for $20 incl shipping.......some can get as high as $60.


          Let me know if you are interested before i post them...


          BTW, you will just love your wedding,...........i miss it....

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          Matt Adcock
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            Posted 23 May 2011 - 02:05 PM

            Originally Posted by sarah2012 

            Congrats! Your pics look beautiful (and so do you!!)


            Question - where did you get that foot jewelery (looks like a flip flop without the bottom????) and what would you call that? Looks like a great alternative to jeweled Gladiator sandals which is what I was thinking of doing.... 



            Chelsea makes this, customizes this for brides actually.   Her link is http://www.redibychelsea.com/ 

            She is also a vendor / supporter of BDWF.... you can see her slideshow here along with some of our photos of her amazing jewelry!





            hope this helps... OH, she also talks a bit more about the process here: http://www.bestdesti...ch-jewelry-more




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              Posted 24 May 2011 - 05:28 AM

              Hi sarah2012! I saw a question you had about barefoot jewels (barefoot sandals/barefoot jewelry, etc) and I wanted to let you know that I have a travel-inspired jewelry business. I handcraft each pair of barefoot jewelry and can incorporate your colors/style/personality of your wedding. They also make a fabulous gift for bridesmaids/guests (and of course yourself :) I happened to wear mine as my something blue. If you have any questions please let me know!







              Link to Barefoot Jewelry examples: http://www.redibyche...arefoot-jewelry


              Link to page on BDFW: http://www.bestdesti...wedding-jewelry

              Originally Posted by sarah2012 

              Your pics look amazing! I can't wait to see more if you post them and read your review!!


              LOVE the isle with the starfish!! Is that part of the basic package? Also do you recall what the different options are for the Hupla? (I think they call it a hupla or something that sounds close to that?? Basically the arch thing you get married under)


              We are doing the ceremony on the beach, I love the look of it so much and am even happier with our decision now that I've seen your pics.


              Who did your photos btw? Am starting to research photographers now... were you happy with whoever it was?


              CONGRATS btw!!



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                Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:34 PM

                Secrets Maroma Riviera Maya, Mexico Review


                We were married on May 5, 2011


                This hotel was amazing ,best resort I have ever stayed in. Adult only resort….


                If you look at the hotel brochure, it is exactly what you will get, they pics are exactly how it looks, it is completely accurate, I have pictures to prove it. We stayed in the preferred club, we were treated like royalty. We had a nonstop flight from Pittsburgh to Cancun a 3.5 hour flight, then a van ride to the hotel about 25 min, we went through Apple Vacation in a private brand new van directly to our hotel with NO stops. You are in a gated resort, you must have clearance to be on that resort, huge doors (like Jurasic Park we said) to let you onto the resort. We always felt safe.


                The staff is there for your every need!! We were approached by men with cool towels and drinks and also a golf cart to take us to our private check in since we were Preferred club……..the club is great and private and very elegant, we were checked into our rooms immediately , even early since we arrived around 11:30am and our rooms were ready…. Your bags are taken and are in your room before you arrive…….NICE!!


                We stayed in building no. 26 on the top floor the 4th floor, awesome rooms, modern, flat screen tv, plush bed and bedding and pillows, slippers and robes…couldn’t ask for more. Super clean, super super clean. No noise, I never knew anyone was next to us at all.


                We always, always had HOT water!! Never was an issue, we even did the Jacuzzi one night, you just have to let it run for about 40 min. (you are in mexico people…LOL)


                There were no corporate parties when I was there May 5, 2011.


                No party animals at all.


                Our concierge was Carlos. (we love you Carlos) if you need anything you ask your concierge and he/she will handle everything!! They are located on the bottom floor of every building.


                Our view was perfect…we had ocean view and only a 3 min walk to pool and beach. There really isn’t a bad room in this resort, its not a huge resort so everything is very reasonable walking the restaurants are near the lobby!! Either way you can walk anywhere within 6 minutes…..


                The beach is clean, the staff cleans all seaweed every morning, there are no rocks in the ocean, baby smooth bottom ocean floor, super blue clear ocean…no rocks at all….super white sands, best beach in Mexico……so my photographer tells me…..nice cool sand, the sand never gets HOT…


                Cecilia the WC is very professional and sweet, she may take awhile to answer your emails, but once you see her in action you can see why. That poor woman runs morning to night to make sure your wedding is perfect, so give her some time because she is helping other brides at the resort to be perfect. She is worth the wait.

                We did the symbolic ceremony, we got married here at home by a JP. It was just easier. We were married on the beach… NOT the gazebo. It was very private. The sand ceremony was included which was a shocker, so that was included in the package. the judge spoke perfect English and was a lovely lady. We did NOT have a religious ceremony. My flowers were included in the package as well as the wedding cake and champagne, we did the 3 milk layer Mexican cake, best cake I have ever had……perfect!! The flowers were perfect and delivered on time. We brought our own blue TULLE for the chairs and the staff wrapped the chairs (covered chairs no extra charge) for us, no extra charge!!


                My gown was picked up promptly to be steamed and delivered early morning day of wedding. Again No charge.


                We were given the complimentary groom suite for the night, free of charge.


                My hair was done in the salon…..PERFECT! I gave her a picture and she matched it perfectly, we also got a couples massage and the spa is very elegant. I only paid like $65 for my hair updo, I have long hair so I thought it was reasonable and I loved it too.

                I did my own nails and makeup, that’s my preference.


                Cecilia the wedding coordinator picked me up in my room 20 min before to make sure I was OK. There is a private path you walk along the side of the hotel, so private, no one sees you coming at all!! I walked because I was only 3 minutes from the beach anyway..


                The Beach ceremony was very private, they cleared the area well, although there are onlookers, but that cant be helped, personally I never notice them, you are so caught up in the moment.


                Reception I only had 6 people with us, being it was CINCO de Mayo in Mexico and there was a fiesta that evening, we got front table outside for the elegant outdoors buffet and show that evening, it was fabulous, we also had our cake outside.


                I was a NO Frill bride, kept it super simple…….

                I did not have Music.

                I had no first dance.

                I did not have a reception.

                No videographer.

                No welcome party (although I saw some that they kicked butt, very well done).

                No wedding party (But I saw two weddings with all the Frills and boy were they fantastic…)



                AKI Demi, I hired outside the resort. I paid $100 to have her for the day onto the resort, she was fabulous, I had her for 3 hours we did pics after our 3:00 ceremony then went to the abandoned hacienda down the beach……ALL BRIDES MUST GO HERE FOR PICS. MY BEST ADVICE TO YOU. Then we did TTD right there in front of the hacienda (its far enough away from hotel and nothing else around you) and we went back to the room showered and meet everyone for dinner, it was perfect. It was Cinco De Mayo in Mexico, it was awesome.


                Pool/Beach Service

                There is service at the pools and beach until 4-5pm or so, they come around all the time with whatever you want from drinks to food……..it was great. There are Oceanside beds and a bar on the beach with swings…there is a swim up bar you could sit at and another bar too and also the swing bar on the beach, if you didn’t want to wait for a server (which never took long) you could walk up to any of the bars.

                Pool water was perfect, not too cold not too warm, it was lovely.


                Ocean was about 80degrees, perfect.



                There are 7 restaurants, we never had a problem getting to dinner, but we ate early everyday……6:30, they don’t open until 6pm. The Himitushi was my fav restaurant!! Food was really good…no complaints… Breakfast every morning in the World Caf© is excellent, it’s a buffet and anything you want is there…….there are stations to make fresh eggs, crepes, waffles and bunch of stuff…there is something for everyone. We got fresh coffee delivered to our room every morning (included) they would come within 10 minutes I would make the call to room service before I really opened my eyes.


                POOL and BEACH Chairs

                Guest are very polite here, maybe because its more of an upscale place, people don’t hog chairs, the staff wont let you, you cant park your towel there all day and never come back, they give you about half hour and if you don’t come back you lose your chair, which is only far, on the beach they don’t do that , but around the pool you cant hog a chair and go sit on the beach too..which again is fair…




                **We had no bug problems, no flies or mosquito, maybe we were just lucky….weather was perfect…


                We had NO ant problems!



                We went on an excursion, an all day snorkel tour, through Amstar at the hotel, the tour was amazing but the van ride is rough an hour there and 1.5 hours back, I don’t know if I would take that tour again due to the travel time. But the snorkel was great…




                We tipped a lot because they work soooooooo hard, but it didn’t matter if you didn’t tip you got the same awesome service no matter what!!


                Pool/Beach Towels


                You get as many as you want, as often as you want, they are huge brown towels…. There are always clean ones out for the taking!! Bar Drinks This resort has more top shelf liquor, I thought the drinks were awesome, some bartenders poured heavy some didn’t, just like any place you would go at home too!! The did have Corona and coke products.


                Fridge in room

                Fridge is always stocked daily with Coke and beer and water and liquor!! If there is something you don’t want they will bring it lickety split!!


                Drinking Water


                I used bottle water to brush my teeth……….but this resort had a water filtration system and we drank the water they served all week long at dinner………..no one ever got sick. Just don’t drink directly out of the faucet!! Common sense stuff.

                Frozen drinks are NOT an issue,…….Drink and enjoy! Salads were not and issue, eat them!! No one got sick for us all week long and we eat everything….


                Only Con


                There is not a buffet available 24 hours……..but there is room service 24 hours.


                The pool closes about 5pm, service stops and the pool bars all shut down…..you are certainly welcome to stay at the pool as long as you like, but all service stops. There is no nightlife at the pool…no one swims at night in the pool. Not a big deal to me, I got enough during the day, but thought I would mention it. We will return next year for our anniversary nights!! Cant wait, I will always return to this resort, I don’t think it gets any better……


                .No worries…you made the right choice.


                Enjoy! Any questions, just ask me…


                wedding active pool view.jpg

                Picture from my room


                wedding day just me on balcony.jpg

                on my balcony

                bedroom at secrets maroma.jpg



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                  Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:40 PM

                  More pictures from my May 5, 2011 wedding...


                  wedding day spa pedicure room.jpg

                  Spa Pedicure room


                  auntie and Gramz under balls.jpg

                  Lobby fountain

                  wedding hacienda with jungle no ppl.jpg

                  hacienda down the beach


                  wedding sunset orange.jpg

                  sunrise from my view in hotel room

                  wedding sunset at infinity best one.jpg

                  sunrise at Infinity pool

                  wedding sunset view from our balcony.jpg

                  View from our room


                  If there are other pics you want to see, just let me know....


                  You will be in paradise

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                    Posted 26 May 2011 - 07:07 PM

                    What is everyone's opinions on an 11:00 am ceremony? That is the only time available on the date that my fiance and I want (its the day we met and the day we got engaged - so its pretty special to us). I keep going back and forth... need opinions!

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                      Posted 27 May 2011 - 07:21 AM

                      Looks like another beautiful day in paradise.  Glad to hear that it was a perfect day.




                      Moments That Matter Photography , Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

                      Canadian Award Winning Photojournalist serving the Riviera Maya


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