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Number of Bridesmaids and groomsmen

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I have 5 total BMs I would like in the wedding.

My FI has 2...


Two of the BMs are my sisters.

One is BF from here.

One is BF from Mex.

The last is another very close friend from Mex and I was the MOH in her wedding.

I would have my FI's sister, but that would make 6 to his 2.


I have thought of having them all standing behind us so it is a long row, not on the sides.


We each have two standing on each side, (I would hate to choose), but have the 5 BMs wear the same colours to show they are part of the wedding party, all important people in my life, and still have them walk down the aisle.


What would you do?

Any creative suggestions?

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I don't think that there is really a rule regarding uneven bridal parties. Why not have 4 on one side, and 4 on the other? Put one male on each side to partly balance it out.

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I was struggling with the BM/GM thing too. I was either going to have 4 (BF, two sisters, and his sister)...or it would have to be 7 (No way I could choose between the 3). I was leaning towards 4, because I've heard people say that having so many attendants was "tacky". My FI insisted he could not bring the number down to less than 8 GM. I bugged him about cutting back for a few days...then I realized...for whathuh.gif Who cares if other people think it's tacky...if 8 GM is what he wants and what makes him happy...that's what it will be...this is OUR day. So anyway... I'm going with 7 BM, and he has 8 GM. I think the GM will be waiting with FI at the gazebo, and BM will walk down solo. It won't be balanced, but who really careshuh.gif? We are already throwing tradition to the wind with a DW.

I guess my point is....all of your BM are important to you. I think they should all stand up with you...and include his sister too if you want...who cares if it's 6 to 2? The BM could still stand to your side...but maybe staggered. Three (taller BM) slighty behind, and 3 slighty in front (think class picture...I'm a teacher...sorry). However, you decide to do it...try not to worry about what it will "look" like. The symbolism is more important :)

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I'm having 3 and my FI is having 1. It is his closest friend and he didn't want to chose between the others. Since, for the most part, tradition is out the window I'm fine with it. The girls are standing by me and his best man by him. It doesn't "match", but to me the important thing is to have who you want up there with you and the rest is immaterial.

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I think I am going to be in this situation too. Unlessssss (I just thought of this) since we each have 2 siblings (he has 2 bros and I have 2 sisters) we just have them in the wedding party.... Hmmmm. Otherwise I can't decide between all my friends and the wedding party would probably be way lop sided. I would really like to have my best friend in it though.


Sorry I guess that doesn't help much ;P

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Originally Posted by akh View Post
i honestly don't see any issue w/having different #s on each side ! i say have whoever you want in your wedding, that's what it's about -not having "matching" numbers!
I agree... plus you look more popular! wink.gif If you're worried abour balancing it out, I like the idea posted above (sorry - I don't remember who said it) about putting a groomsman on each side and then 3 bridesmaids on each side so its 4 and 4. Personally, I want my people standing up there next to me - I'll be a sobbing, emotional mess so to have my closest friends/family standing behind me is a good feeling, they're there for support...
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