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Went ring shopping for the 1st time today!!!

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So, Martin and I finally went ring shopping today! Very exciting. bunny_4.gif We went to Zales and found a ring we both really like. Here is a pic of it if I can get it to work:


Click the image to open in full size.


The website says they also have it in Princess Cut, which I may have to check out but so far I think this is the one. It's on sale - normally it's $2,500 but right now it's only $1,300. Since we're still in school this works out perfectly for us! And they have a lifetime upgrade, just in case we ever decide to go with a better clarity or bigger size. I really like it though, and I think it fits me nicely - pretty and elegant. :)


Oh yeah, we're going to go with a small, simple white gold band to show it off.


*Swoon* It's all finally coming together!!! :)


(Now he just has to ask me, lol!) ;P

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At first I felt bad about wanting to pick out the ring. But since it's a lot of money and I will be wearing it for ever, we both want to know it will be something I will love. After hearing that some of the other girls on here have done the same thing I finally decided to go shopping with him!


At least there's still the surprise of timing... wink.gif

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Woot, thats exciting isn't it?! I took Aaron "hint shopping"!! Lol, we were at the mall one day and I would say "Oh Aaron, I just loooooooove that ring!" - we both knew what I meant but it kept the surprise in it a little more!! It was fun though - and I think he was nervous about picking the wrong one, which was silly... afterall diamonds are a girls best friend, we aren't going to send them back!!


Anyways, congrats on this step - I can't wait to hear about the proposal!!


bunny_4.gif bunny_4.gif bunny_4.gif smile29.gif bunny_4.gif bunny_4.gif bunny_4.gif

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