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Post here if you are getting married in Jamaica

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Name- Claire & Brian

Wed Date- 16th June 09

Wed Location- Riu Ocho Rios



Sooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello Everyone !! looking to get married in jamaica in January but can find the perfect resort. Help!!


Name- Jennifer and Joseph

Date- Jan 16, 2010

Location - There are way too many options!!!

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Hello fellow Jamaican Brides!

Name: Angie & Drew

Location: RIU, Ocho Rios

Wedding: Nov. 25, 2009

in JA: Nov. 21- Nov. 28


!!So exciting!!

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user name:josee


Name: Josée & Carl


Location: Riu Ocho Rios



Wedding : January 13, 2010

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hello ladies.......


I am officially a Jamacia bride as of yesterday and can't wait to get there! Was originally a Cabo bride, but H1N1 said otherwise. LOL. anyways, there are 18 guests that still remain for the week long party and we leave in five weeks today. June 6-13 for the guests at the ROR and then for us we get another lazy beach week that we will be staying at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay.


We had less than 8 hours to rebook and organize this wedding because of H1N1 so, any helpful hints/threads that I should go tohuh.gif?


Have a great day!!!

Mel & Jeff

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    • I think I fhttp://www.cigarjamaica.com/ound what you're looking for: 
    • My parents divorced quite recently, just few years ago after being rather unhappily married for 26 years. My mom caught him cheating. I got engaged a few months ago and a month later with little notice my father married the woman who he was with when my mom caught him. I live in a different country so only met her and her family a few times, they were very nice to me, my father is very happy. I am polite / neutral with her. On the contrary my mom is not doing great at all, she is still in a complete breakdown and a month after engagement she made a scene that she does not want my father at my wedding and hang up on me. When she found out i speak to his new partner she refused to talk to me ever again. It’s been a couple of month now, i tried to reach out but she blocked me. My mom is not really a very reasonable type, i try to take care of her and cheer her up but I cant just sit and talk to her peacefully, it is always a drama when it comes to my father. My grandparents are on her side. I mentioned to my father that i will not be inviting his wife as i don’t feel comfortable making the whole situation much worse and also because i really dont know her well to which he said that he may not be coming then. What do I do about it? It looks like it maybe the case that neither of my parents will come or if my father comes with his wife i may never be able to fix the relationship with my mother....
    • I'm so excited to finally, after 9 years, getting married again!  He's so amazing and we want to have an amazing wedding in Jamaica next year.  Allow me to introduce myself:  I am Katherine,  his grandchildren will call me KitKat! who is marrying a minister that truly leaves me speechless at times the way he loves and cares for me.  Professionally, I am a destination wedding planner/travel agent/award-winning floral designer, so this wedding will be my ENCORE.  Last night, we started out with 50 guests, relatively the larger size of most destination weddings.  Then our guest list grew to 100.  Right! My team right now, does have a contact in Jamaica, that I'm already working with. We are working on the budget, constantly.  The plan is to have all of the details together before Thanksgiving holiday, so that family and friends can prepare to start booking.
    • Wow.... it looks like I need to add some things to my bags ..#goals Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • May be a long shot here.... trying to resurrect this post. Would anyone be willing to send me the files while I work on my points?  Karencarreiro@me.com
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