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Help! Where are the waterproof key card & tip holders templates? HELP!

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Hi Ladies, a couple of months ago I saw some cute room key and tip holders...the kind thats like a badge holder but with a zip top and a really cute card inside with a charming saying, does anyone know where that thread is? I have tried a million different search combos and no luck! I must make these! Thanks in advance!

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If you're looking for mine, they are here:




But I took all the text and images off of them because I didn't think anyone would want anything as goofy as what I had. I've seen the border text copied a few times (awww, shucks!), so here it is with the border text and the "Mexico"up the middle. All but the top left Mexico are pasted as .gifs. the font is Stamp act. The font I used for the border text was Maiandra. if you don't have those, it might get a little weird looking.


The thread itself has all the details on what and where I got the holders themselves.



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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
If you PM me your email address, I can send you mine as well. I used Becks as a template, and then put in my own wording and logo.
tracy,i tried to PM but it wont work I would love to see your template. myemail is cromero@telus.net thanks so much!

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