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  1. I agree with you. I did my wedding at Sandals Whitehouse on June 7,2014. I went with free hot and cold horsey divers..(lol), added additonal 30 min to and did dj for music. My ceremony was at 4pm and we took pictures after, while everyone was having signature cocatails, etc. Then we started reception, after reception we all chose restaurant and went and ate together, that way people could choose whatever they wanted and as much as they wanted. was awesome.
  2. congrats to you. I'll be in Jamaica during that time for my friends wedding on July 11th
  3. I got married in jamaica on June 7,2014 at sandals whitehouse. It was amazing. Just wanted to share 1 or 2 pics from my amazing day. Be blessed all my jamacia bride sisters. Of there's anything I can help you with, please let me know
  4. So glad sister bride that it has all worked out for you. Thank god. What was your original resort? Where will you be hosting it now
  5. hi, congrats on you upcoming nuptial, i didn't get married at sgr, but did get married this past june in jamaica at sandals whitehoue No maam, you have to send notarized copies of your birth certificates prior to arrival in jamaica, there is a address of where they will need to be mailed, they need to be mailed and cannot be faxed , the notary seal has to be valid beyond the date of your wedding. if either of you have been married, will need to sen d copy of divorce decree and all pages need to be notarized.( these are things i know because they came back as error for us for documents needed) you need to do this immediatley. once the documents are recieved, they will send you email from preplanner and wc that necessary documents are recieved to process your license. i started out with smallest package, but when i wnet to select ones we wanted for package we paid for.. they were so awesome we ended up getting more 3. we did free wedding and added a few different things, so i did what's called modified complimentary package i did hr long, so paid for 30 min addtional for reception, did dj fo r 1 hr(they typically play a little longer) and then we all (all 25 of us) went to restaurant on site and had dinner together(rather than pay for seated meal and still not have enough) i didn't have butler suite at all, steam for dress is 75.00. i bought a travel steamer from marshalls for like $20.00 and took to use for clothes period and earlier that day let dress hang in shower with steam... not a wrinkle in sight. lol 4. when i booked the 500.00 jewelry credit was not optional, but use it for whatever you like, my hubby has 3 bands, one custom one that i bought and had made for him, a very nice tungsten one with woodgrain inlay(can get from ebay for 15.00(beautiful) we took that one instead of custom one, althogh we have insurance on our rings, wanted to make sure even if fell in water, we wre good.
  6. congrats on your engagement, we did ours at Sandals Whitehouse and it was amazing. we chose there because all the rooms were ocean view, so noone had gto upgrade to have view of ocean and all have private balconies, loved it. www.sandals.com/whitehouse i did orange sheer fabric on my gazebo for decorations it was perfect
  7. i too bought my hangers from etsy. had to pay 10.00 for shipping but hanger was only 3.50 and i went to michaels and bought two(2 )flowers in my colors and embellished my self and came out great. because i'm not that crafty, was a great deal for me
  8. my cake was a bottom layer was carribean rum cake, middle was redvelet, top was vanilla almond buttercream
  9. i did my wedding on June 7,2014 at sandals whitehouse. It was amazing. i did my ceremony on beach at gazebo, did coctail reception at firepits and after dinner at restaurant. they really cater to you to make everything wonderful
  10. my weddin at sandals whitehouse has now come and gone and it was t ruly amazing. if any of you ladies have facebook, please request me as a friend. myname is Kellie Bedford. you can see some of my pics there, it was truly amazing.
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