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Sunset da Mona Lisa Menu & group Policy


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Originally Posted by Jtds2713 View Post
Here are the Beverages prices per consumption. Please note that these prices are in PESOS.
I am so glad that you said pesos because I would have passed out. It is 8 US to 1 pesos or the other way around. Translation please
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Jessica my friends spent their honeymoon in cabo and this was the one restaurant they kept ranting and raving at. They were always telling us that we should have our wedding here. When I first went on the website I was drooling, literally drooling b/c it is so pretty. Then when I saw Karla's pics I was so jealous. You are going to have a beautiful wedding here, it is absolutely gorgeous and I heard the food is amazing.



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Thank you Glenda! We looked all over (Dominican Republic, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cozumel). Many places are beautiful but with Sunset da Mona Lisa I just had that "feeling" that everyone on this board is talking about. I have never seen it but their website sure makes you feel as if you were there. Sunset da Mona Lisa was one of the reasons we wanted to get married in Los Cabos. The other main reason is the weather-- we can only get married from November to FEbruary (due to guests' schedules) and in other areas in Mexico during these months there is the risk of rain or hurricane.


The top 3 choices I had were: Sunset da Mona Lisa, Sheraton Hacienda del Mar and Fiesta Americana Imperial Suite. But with Sunset we didn't have to block rooms or pay location fees.


Karla's pictures are awesome and it was a great inspiration to us also.

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Here are some tips Karla shared with me about Sunset da Mona Lisa. I hope it helps.




Jessica: Is there any other advice you can give me about getting married at Sunset da Mona Lisa?


Karla: Yes, two things....

1. Make sure the construction for the parking lot is either complete or that they agree to stop construction during your wedding time. The construction site was quite an eye sore.

2. I'm assuming you want pictures down at the beach. If the parking lot is complete, then getting to the beach will not be a problem. When we were there, we had to take 2 4-wheel drive vehicles down there, wasted about 20 mins of our precious light time. So make sure there is an easy/convenient way to get to the beach. The hurricane washed out the path from the restaurant to the beach.


Jessica's update: According to Sunset da MOna Lisa, by November 2007, there may still be no pathway from the restaurant to the beach. We will have to rent 4-wheel drive to get down to the beach.

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HI Jamie. You don't have enough points yet. It takes 50 points to open an attachment. The more posts you make, the more points you earn. Currently, but making this last post, you should have enough to open one of them. I'll donate a few to you to get you started.

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