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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by lavalos Emma is the event coordinator for the restaurant (unless she's left). Contact info below: Not sure what the 2009 prices are but the $12k should be the minimum food & beverage you'll spend (before tax) to have your wedding there. Be sure to clarify what the $12k gets you. I understand they no longer offer a full restaurant buyout (i.e., you would not have the entire restaurant closed for your day). I think the $12k covers use of the terrace and salon. Please let me know if you need any additional information...Lisa Ooops! Forgot to include contact info for Emma... Emma Garcia (emma@sunsetmonalisa.com) Marketing & Group Sales Manager Sunset Da Mona Lisa Restaurant Tel: (011 52) 624 1458077 Fax: (011 52) 624 1043107 Sunset da Mona Lisa :: Home Page :: Italian Seafood Restaurant with Arch view in Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico, Weddings, Events, Private Diners (former Da Giorgio)
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Bessca does anyone have the email of the contact at Sunset Da Mona Lisa? Also, how is the pricing per person? Is that $12,000 rental fee for a private reception in addition to food/drinks? Emma is the event coordinator for the restaurant (unless she's left). Contact info below: Not sure what the 2009 prices are but the $12k should be the minimum food & beverage you'll spend (before tax) to have your wedding there. Be sure to clarify what the $12k gets you. I understand they no longer offer a full restaurant buyout (i.e., you would not have the entire restaurant closed for your day). I think the $12k covers use of the terrace and salon. Please let me know if you need any additional information...Lisa
  3. Baja Cantina (beach location, not marina). Perfect spot--reasonably priced, good food and perfect location for a welcome dinner. The restaurant has a trio playing on Friday evenings, so they setup between our event and between the main restaurant so our guests thought we brought them in.
  4. Welcome, welcome, welcome! You've found the right spot to help you with your venue decision. Happy Planning!
  5. Oh my Lord, I have not been on the site for quite some time but am not surprised by this email string. As Jessica recommends, be sure all important decisions between yourself and SML are documented via email. Emma WILL agree to one thing and change it, if it does not benefit SML, weeks before your wedding date. They tried to pull a couple of fast ones weeks before our wedding but, fortunately, I had email backing up what Emma had promised to me. The venue is amazing but I fear the demand for events is so high, there, they feel they could charge additional $$ and not act in a professional mannger. Keeping everything in writing will guarantee an amazing wedding. Your WC should be in the loop, as well. We used a local WC, and she was able to go to the restaurant when Emma would go MIA when we needed important updates from her.
  6. We had our wedding @ SML. Yes, the pools are lit at night--very beautiful! So, Emma, hmmm? She was a pleasure to work with in the beginning, however, she got a little funky towards the end. We had an issue with the buyout. Fortunately, I kept all emails so, with the help of our wedding coordinator, working with management, we made sure they honored what Emma communicated to us. I have not been able to submit a full report on the entire experience but I'd have to give SML an A. It would have been an A++ if it wasn't for the buyout issue. The venue is phenomenal--you and your guests will have a unique and wonderful experience should you book with SML. Just be sure you clarify everything, in writing. I highly recommend you use your WC from the get through the negotiation process. We booked SML and signed the contract, prior to hiring a WC. What a shame about the partial buyout. I think it's ridiculous that they've changed their buyout bookings to "partial." I feel like you should get the place to yourself for that amount. This was not the case in prior years. I guess they've changed their policy for '08. Quote: Originally Posted by stibbets Hey there! I am new, but have been reading about Sunset D'Monalisa. My fiance and I just returned from Cabo to check out wedding venues and decided on this spot. Does anyone know if the pools light up at night? Floating candles? We went there for dinner and it was all dark and I thought- what a waste, it could be so beautiful! Also, how was Emma to deal with ( the food and bev director)? FYI- Emma stated that it was 13,500 for "partial buyout" and not the entire restaurant. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Wisco4 When we went to dinner there on our site visit, the pools were lit up as well as some other lighting on the walkways, etc. Maybe they were doing some maintenance when you were there? I'll try to find my pictures and post them. As far as Emma goes, we haven't had to directly deal with her. Our wedding coordinator from Fiestas Los Cabos has been doing our "wheeling and dealing". At first she wouldn't compromise with things like the menu and keeping the 2007 prices but our W.C. got her to give in. And you are correct, the "partial buyout" doesn't include the area of the restaurant that is enclosed indoors. She said that they have to keep it open to allow their regular patrons to still dine and she assured us that we would not see or be bothered by them. Not sure how true this is...we had to fight to ensure they'd stick with their word to ensure we would not have diners at the venue on our wedding day. The buyout does not include DG Lounge, the fabulous club upstairs, but I didn't think this would be an issue because the club doesn't open until 9pm. Well, guess what...right before our ceremony began, a family showed up and wanted to come in to view the restaurant. The restaurant was closed off but management let them go upstairs to the club. I wasn't that concerned with the fact that they watched our entire ceremony from up above, however, the photographer was not able to capture some of the ceremony shots without including them in the background ;-(
  7. I just got married there last month and the website photos don't even do the location justice. I, still, wish I was there! Our guests are still talking about the location--they were amazed. I only wish I could've seen the looks on their faces when they walked onto the terrace for the ceremony. It was great to see the DAZZLED looks on our wedding party's face the day of the rehearsal! Feel free to send me a PM and I can give you more info. Lisa
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Clussy75 Congratulations Lisa! I LOVE your new signature pic. You guys look super cute and you look so happy! Claudia, How was the big day?? Your siggy pics look great--did you LOVE Gilda!!!! Surprised we didn't run into each other in Cabo. Can't wait to hear and see more! Take Care! Lisa
  9. Thank you all for the well wishes! We got back on Sunday and wish we were still there and could re-live the day over and over. The day was magical--so much more than I could ever imagined. The entire wedding weekend was amazing!!!!!! I've been super quite on the boards over the last couple of months with the addition of a new job and finalizing wedding plans but promise to post a full review and pics in the next couple of weeks. I would not have been able to have the wedding of my dreams if it wasn't for the all of the great advice, tips, direction, ideas, etc. from all the soon to be and former brides on the board. Throughout the wedding weekend, friends kept asking how and where I came up with all of the fabulous ideas and events for the group and I kept saying "BDW, BDW". They had no idea what I was talking about but I know the weekend would not have been the same had it not been for you all! Thanks again! Lisa
  10. Hiya! We were just married @ SML on the 10th (just returned from Cabo last Sunday)! I cannot even put into words how fantastic and amazing our wedding day was! I'm still on cloud 9 and want to be back and relive the day over and over again. The buyout fee is inclusive of all food, bev, corkage fee, cake, etc. Tag on 10% tax and a separate line item for 17% svc charge (fortunately, they do not tax you on the service charge like most places back in the states do). Be sure to include in your contract that even though you're doing the buyout the restaurant will be exclusively yours, irregardless of what areas you use (we had to add this clause as an amendum to our contract 6 weeks prior to our wedding). PLEASE feel free to send me a PM so that I can give you a download on SML. There is not a lot of info out there on this spot and had it not been for a former SML bride from this forum giving me a download on the ins and outs of having a wedding there, we would not have been married there. I have to say, our guests are still talking about how spectacular the views were at SML. At Thanksgiving dinner, we showed our video and some of the proofs our photog sent home with us who, btw, was outstanding (Gilda Badillo), and we had the room in tears, again. I'll be sending out a full wedding review and will post pics as soon as I can. BTW, with 80 guests you will exceed the buyout amount. We had 57 people and we just passed the $12.5k amount. Good luck! Lisa
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ncainey What boat did you guys book? We haven't booked a boat yet...any suggestions?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by coreyphil So funny - we had this discussion, too. We ended up deciding not to book the private cruise ... I think the max is 40 and we reserved for 35 ... we just figured we would just take our chances! Also, as silly as it sounds ... we thought it might be a chance for some of our single friends to meet other people in Cabo! (after spending most of the the week with all couples!). Depending on the boat size - your group will probably take up the majority of it --- IMO since it's not a rehearsal dinner or welcome dinner --- I don't think that it's as important to book the whole thing. I feel the same, FI is pushing back! Private welcome dinner, private wedding, I think we're good with taking our chances and not booking a private cruise. Thx!
  13. Ooh, that is going to look fabulous! I can't wait to see the finished product. You may want to include the nearest hospital/emergency clinic. Hopefully, none of your guests would need this info but I know I always like to know where the nearest hospital is when I'm out of town. Good luck!
  14. Congrats Natalie! Sending good wedding vibes your way!!!!
  15. Hi Ladies! We've decided to book a sunset cruise the day after our wedding and wanted to get your opinions on booking a private vs a non-private tour. We'll have approximately 60 people who will join us and are getting quotes in the $3000-$3300 range for a cruise (light snacks and beverages included). Anyone have any opinions about sharing the boat with others. Also, let me know if you have any recommended vendors you've worked with.
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