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    ME Cabo by Melia

    Bessca, We were just there in May and that resort was not at all what it seemed on the internet. I would definitely try to visit there before you sign a contract. It is a great place for spring break or a bachelor/bachelorette party but I would not recommend it for a wedding. Hope that this helps.
  2. amitchell

    has anybody heard of?

    I have been to their web page and may use them to rent all of my linens if the resort does not have the colors that I am looking for. I did see in a magazine where some one used them and the floral arrangements and tables looked amazing.
  3. My wedding contact would like me to use DJ Edwin but i did not find any information on him through the other threads. Just wondering if anyone has heard or used this person and if they were happy. Thanks
  4. I do not get married until April 18, 2009. But please let me know if you need any help finding things.
  5. amitchell


    We are not haviong anything once we get home but only because all of our guests so far can make it. The wedding we went to in May limited who they invited to the wedding in Cabo and then had a reception at home. They had it in their back yard with a huge tent, a floor for dancing and it catered but friends brought their i-pods for music to dance to. Hope that this helps.
  6. amitchell

    Best Month for weather?

    Was at a wedding in Cabo over late part of May early June and it was warm but not to hot. I would choice June as well.
  7. amitchell

    Need help picking a photographer!

    I have booked Mariano Lemus. He put together a great package for me at a reasonable price. He was really good about getting back to me quickly and he even put together a quick slide show of pictures he had taken at the resort we are getting married at. Hope that this helps.
  8. We are expecting about 75 people at Casa Del Mar resort : There is a deposit that I am not including because it goes towards the total bill at the end. Food is about $7,000 ( this is for a 3 course meal and cake that is being brought from off site and is a $4 per person storage/ cutting fee) $4500 for an open bar (domestic) for 4 hours plus a cocktail hour with a tequila bar. Flowers: $1,000 (florenta flower design) Not having heavy decorations but enough to make it pretty. I can send you our budget that they did if you are interested. They were the most reasonable with great work. Dj: mostly between $230 and $270 an hour (some charge for set up and take down and some do not) We are also going to have a violin and harp player but have not contracted anyone. We are using Mariano Lemus for our phtography and for 7 hours (2 for the welcome dinner and 5 during the wedding day it was $4000). There is usually around a 15% tax on everything so keep that in mind. We have the location fee waived beacuse we have the 10 room block filled. This is not an AI which may cut on cost. I know that if you get married any day but Saturday it is cheaper. Hope that this helps let me know if you have any other questions.
  9. amitchell

    Sheraton Bride Suggestions

    I would just suggest that if they recommend anyone that you do your own research as well just to make sure that you are getting what you like for the price that you want. If you need any help with anything please just ask i am not getting married at the sheraton but have found most of my vendors on my own.
  10. amitchell

    Wedding Coordinators recomendations

    We too debated between a wedding in KC or Cabo. We chose Casa Del mar resort to hold our wedding at so that it would feel more intimate. The resort does have an on site coordinator but I have done most of the planning on my own through the recommendations on this site. I did contact Gaby at Baja weddings and she was very eager to start the planning process. I will be hiring a off site coordinator for the day of but will be discussing that with the on site wc so that I know who she works well with. Hope that this helps and if you have any questions on KC sites please let me know. We spent a few weeks gathering information on everything here.
  11. Where is the shop located? I am heading to Cabo in October to try to finalize as much as possible.
  12. Thank you for all your information. After all the positive feedback I put a deposit down with them today. I have been paired up with Rosio -- has anyone worked with this person? Thanks again.
  13. amitchell

    Places to go party!

    We saw Andrew Firestone (one of ABC's the bachelor) at Squid Roe. It was really fun. Very much like Carlos and Charlie's.
  14. amitchell

    I Pod Vs. DJ

    I was wondering if anyone here has used a Dj and if so did you like them and who are they? I have seen a lot of people just bring their i-pods and Dj themselves but that seems like a lot of extra work for me. Please let me know good or bad on either i-pod or Dj. Thanks
  15. I have chosen " Because you love me" by Celine Dion. My best friend danced to "kind and generous" by Natalie Merchant it was wonderful. Hope that this helps