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  1. Thanks for the advice! I'll take a look online and see what they are each like.
  2. Hi, We are planning on having a bus pick us up along with our 35 friends from Dreams los Cabos the night after the wedding and head out somewhere in Cabo. I am looking for a place that you can possibly go dancing but not too much like a club. I would love to get some feedback from you and find a place where we can all go and have a good time! Thank You
  3. Hi Ana-I heard back from him today, finally!! He confirmed that it is due to the strike but says he should know something within the next few weeks. Hopefully it gets cleared up. It will be super expensive to get everyone into taxis!
  4. Hello, Did you ever have any luck with Enrique? I booked with him and he now is not returning my emails!! I have not sent him $$ but also did not sign a formal contract. I am getting married in 6 weeks and am very concerned! Were you able to book anyone else? Thanks!
  5. You look amazing! I am really looking forward to reading your review! Congrats:)
  6. i just bought these from ebay. They are a great deal! $16.95 plus shipping. Includes: 6 dozen (72 pieces) 10-hour votive candles These top quality votive lights are expertly molded under high pressure using only select refined waxes for cleaner, more dependable burning. 6 dozen (72 pieces) premium white kraft paper bags Check out my other items!
  7. Hi there, You can also add me! I am getting married Sept 5th, 2008 at Dreams!
  8. Well, our seating cards are shells that hold the placecards and after you can use as a picture frame, that's our favor. Then, we are going to put something personalized in the OOT bag also (koozie or mints? Not too sure yet) along with the other items. So I would say that they are kind of favors also. http://www.myweddingfavors.com/shell...rd-holder.html
  9. Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for the info! I was just wondering what you chose for your food at the reception? I am getting ready to choose and have no idea! I have heard such mixed reviews.
  10. We are doing one bag per couple and 1 bag for each single. I need to find different bags for the single guys!
  11. These target bags are so cute! I went and bought 20 of them yesterday! $2.50 is a steal!
  12. Hi Angela, I am in the process of planning my Sept wedding at Dreams. I see you did the welcome dinner at Portofino. Yessica told me that they don't do reservations at their restaurants. How did you do your dinner? If you would let me know it would be a big help! I want to do my dinner there also. Thanks! Karin
  13. Hi- I bought a calling card for $10 and did not leave messages! I just tried a few times until I got her on the phone. I generally called from 12-2pm pacific time and she answered more often than not.
  14. I just booked Bradley for my wedding and am really excited about it. He is so friendly and very professional. From everything you all have said, I think I made a great choice! Thanks
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