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    Steam Service for my Dress-- RIU

    Hi girls! First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS!! I see you all just got married.....where did you guys end up steaming your dress? I'm getting married at the end of the month and still need to find someone to do this for me....
  2. franeve

    Cabo Wedding Budgets

    Hi, I'm getting married at The Sheraton at the end of this month. We will have 40 guests and it seems like we are looking at a total of $24000. This is our TOTAL. I mean every penny we've spent or forsee spending....including the ceremony, buffet, open bar, cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres, a beach bonfire after the party, mariachi, dj, photographer, our wedding attire, wedding bands, invitations, favors, outside wedding planner, airfare and 7night stay at the Sheraton. The only thing we didn't count is our spending money for the week. To get a really good idea of what it will cost you, contact Gaby at Baja Wedding. When I started looking around she sent me a really helpful spreadsheet that gave me price ranges I can expect from the vendors in Cabo and for my guest count, it turned out to be pretty accurate. Let me know if you want her info. Good Luck!
  3. How about "THE OFFICE" Its a great place, right on the beach, really laid back and fun!
  4. I have to decide on my menu soon and I totally forgot (and didn't budget for) the cocktail hour! Our cocktail hour will be from 5-6 (while the bride/groom take pictures) and dinner will be from 6-7:30. How many passed hors d'oeuvres should I order per guest? I read somewhere we should have 3 types of hors d'oeuvres and estimate 1 piece per guest for every 15 minutes....does this sound right?
  5. franeve

    Need help picking a photographer!

    I signed a contract with Dino Gomez.....A piece of advice girls, I was about to sign a contract with another guy, when I sent him an email asking to be sure to include certain details in the contract...one of those being that he personally was going to potograph my wedding as we had discussed...Thank goodness I did that because he then called me and said he didn't realize it before but he actually had another wedding that day but that he would send me his assistant!! Well she may have been good but i did my research on her as I did with every other vendor and could not find ONE THING to her credit. When I asked him why he said it was because all her work was under his name....sounded fishy so I went with Dino Gomez who's pics are really nice as well....
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by Corvette79 sounds great, i love this thread! for ours, i bought plain white paper folding fans then embossed our monogram on it and tied ribbon (teal) our wedding color to the bottom of the fan. instead of people tapping wine glasses for us to kiss we will use maracas for a mexican flavor. ring bearer will be carring "rings" on a starfish, thats it so far Hey, I've been looking for maracas! Did you buy yours yet? If, so where?
  7. I think it depends on how many guests you're planning on as well as how many activities you want her to plan, i.e. just the ceremony and reeption or do you want her to plan rehearsal dinner, welcome dinner, etc. Anyway I am paying $1,800...it's worth it, she has really done everything for me and I feel totally comfortable telling her that something is over budget without her making me feel like a tightwad! She is great at suggesting ways to cut costs, and she has dealt with any problems I've had....Oscar called me the same day I complained to her that he was impossible to get a hold of!
  8. franeve

    dont know which month to pick...

    I'm getting married November 29th 2008, Thanksgiving weekend...My boss goes every year around this time and he says it's always perfect. He also told me that from the middle of December and until February it is high travel season...Which will make it pricier for your guests. I think in October you'd still have a decent chance of storms. Good Luck!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostaSeif I was shocked that the bonfire was so much! $500 for a bonfire on the beach? When I heard that I about fell over. I tried to negotiate that price, but was told that the $500 is just to have the fire on the beach. Then they wanted us to pay for drink service. When I asked if we could bring our own alcohol we were told no. SO, we decided to say screw them and are planning to party in one of the suites (buy alcohol at Costo). I just couldn't bring myself to pay so much for a fire. What DJ are you using? We are having approx. 30-35 people as well and don't want to do the ipod thing. I still haven't heard from the wedding corrdinator at the Sheraton which worries me. I haven't tried to contact her, but it would make sense for her to email me and introduce herself/hiself. After we signed the contract last month, I haven't heard one word from them. I haven't done any wedding planning either. haha. I need to get back on the ball! Well I finally got a hold of them, after my outside WC harrassed them for me Was $500 the initial quote they gave you or did you negotiate down to $500?...they quoted me $575 but that was like 6weeks ago...maybe people weren't booking it so they lowered the fee? We are using Pacific Sound DJ Joaquin.... Don't feel bad about lagging with the planning...I started in June and am getting married in November!! Also just so you know no one ever contacted me from the sheraton...it wasn't until I had a question for them...and then it took several calls and emails before I finally spoke to someone 3 weeks later and only after I had my outside coordinator call them for me!! My planner has been awesome...I am using Gaby from Baja Wedding... aside from this little glitch with the hotel, she has made everything SO EASY for me! Are you going to use an coordinator other than the hotel person?
  10. This was a great thread....let's update it!!
  11. Hi girls I'm looking for white parasols with hot pink design on it...I remember seeing a picture on here of a bride who had an all white beach ceremony but her guests held up white parasols with torqouise designs on them, this looked amazing in her pics and I'm sure her guests appreciated the shade (I hate the ceremony pics where all the guests have their hands up on their foreheads to sheild from the sun! LOL! Of course I can't find this girl's picture/thread anymore, and I can't find white parasols with pink designs on them! I don't want the designs to look too asian and I'm hesitant to use solid pink umbrellas...it may be a bit much! Any suggestions? I was thinking of buying white ones and somehow painting or stamping a design on them....
  12. franeve

    Inexpensive Beach Wedding

    Quote: Originally Posted by Morton-Woods I we are using April at Baja Weddings and she said they do resort weddings and cruise weddings..... PM me if you want her direct contact information.... the web site is bajaweddings.com Stacy, I am using Baja Wedding too (we're planning on 30ppl) and so far they have been great, My WC is Gaby and she always replies to my emails or phone calls within a day. If I email her and she is super busy she let's me know that it might take her a few days to get back with an answer... It's nice to know my wedding is as important to her as the others she's working on! Baja Wedding fees seems to be more affordable too. Remember to negotiate...GOOD LUCK
  13. I haven't decided on the bonfire yet, It sounds interesting but I'm having trouble with my contact at the Sheraton, It has been over 3weeks that i am trying to contact him via phone and email, and cannot get a hold of him! I'mtrying to renegotiate the price of my in-laws room (they're coming from Germany and staying 9days....they found rates online that are much cheaper than our contract) Needless to say it's upsetting he isn't calling me back so I am hesitant o give them any more of my $$$$ with this kind of service!! Sorry, I needed to VENT!! About the IPOD (I'll be having 30 ppl too!) I thought about doing that but opted to hire a dj instead, I was too nervous about relying on an IPOD! A lot of girls here have used them though and it saves a lot of money!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by Jamie_09 What price for rooms is the Sheraton quoting you? Our wedding is at the Sheraton on May 30th... just wondering if they are giving you similar prices. They want $7 per person for cake from me! That sounds a little much... what price are they giving you for the bar? For a standard room it's $199 plus tax and fees. But my in-laws found it online for $175 (including tax and everything!!)It doesn't sound like much of a difference but they're staying 9nights, so thats at least a $225 difference, not including taxes! So if they book with us, to get credit for our 10 room minimum basically they have to pay for an extra night! For the cake, I've read the cake from the Sheraton is pretty awful! I got Jennifer Hatton through my wedding planner and she is charging us $7 a person, but every review I've read about her say her cakes are amazing! I'm having a cake with nutella frosting, I'm sure if you get a more basic cake it will be cheaper. Make sure you ask about all the extra fees though, if you want fresh flowers on the cake...Extra fee, Cake stand...Extra fee, delivery...Extra fee!! There seems to be and extra fee for everything when they know you're a bride
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostaSeif We don't have a WC outside of the Sheraton. I printed some information on WC in the area and need to sit down and really research them. We are already over our budget by about $3,000! We are paying for 11 of our family and friends to fly out and their hotel for two nights which is really putting us over. Why we agreed to do that, I have no idea. Everyone says that after the location is booked, everything will fall into place. I don't feel that way! I am so stressed with everything! K, I am now done with my rant. lol. Oh My God! I can't believe you guys are doing that! We didn't offer to pay for anyone, and my parents are DRIVING from Los Angeles and my future in-laws are flying in from GERMANY!! Anyway, remember to do a lot of research on the vendors prices and do bargain! Try calling Gaby from Baja Weddings, comparatively her fees we're much better than others and so far has been very helpful. I'm on a tight budget too and she is very understanding and helpful at finding ways for me to cut costs. PM me if you want more details.....Good Luck!!