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Torn about using a DJ

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My stepdaughter is getting married in Vegas and having a small reception at Maggianos. There are only about 25-30 people coming but she has her heart set on having a DJ. She wants to have a first dance with her husband and also dance with her Dad. My feeling is that a group that small does not warrant a DJ, but I don't know what the alternative is. The whole IPOD route makes me a little nervous and none of are very "techie" when it comes to those things.


I guess I'm asking if anyone has had a DJ for just a few people and if so, how did it turn out?



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Many Mexico DW brides elect to skip the DJ. The language issue and being ripped off are huge factors in that decision. I would love to have a DJ and there are only 26 of us, but in Mexico the DJ's don't speak english (for the most part), are $1300 for 4 45 minute sets (actually only 3 hrs work), and use your ipod anyways because music there is outdated. I personally won't pay $1300 for that. Maybe it's different in Vegas? We are going the ipod route and have spent endless hours making playlists. We will also have a computer as backup and burned cd's of all the playlists just in case.

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