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  1. Hmmm, I will try the laser printer at work and if that doesn't work, I'll go with the tape method...thanks!
  2. Ok I know there must be a way, but darn if I can figure it out! I'm trying to print the mailing address on the small RSVP envelopes and the envelope is so small that it just stops in the middle of the printer. Is there a way to feed these envelopes through without them stopping? Thanks!
  3. stephv710

    Need some help from some Vegas Residents!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Island Princess Hey Christine, Thanks for your advice. Thats a great Idea. I might go to a mac store to get it done! How much do they charge usually? God, I wish I was good at doing makeup! Usually MAC requires that you buy $50 worth of make up to get the full make up, but at least you leave there with all of the stuff you will need to touch up. Other places charge more and you leave empty handed. I have had them do my make up at least 4 times and have never been disappointed.
  4. I am a MOB....my daughter is getting married in Vegas next July and I am helping her since she lives accross the country, works two jobs and is not on the computer much. This board has been unbelievably helpful! Any other moms that are REALLY involved in the wedding planning? So far I am making the invitations, menus, OOT bags, centerpieces..etc. Of course I get the kids' stamp of approval before I make any decisions. They have been really good about my being so involved. Thanks for all the great ideas...I'm sure I'll be racking up the points in the next several months!
  5. I am about to order the supplies for my daughter's DIY invitations. Just wanted to see if anyone has had experience with this company and if so, how was the quality? Thanks!
  6. Thanks! I finally figured that out! After a couple of hours of surfing, I accumulated enough points and got it...boy it was worth it! Love this list!. Thank you for the offer.
  7. My daughter and I have been discussing this at length and neither one of us know what to do. She is getting married in Vegas with about 35-40 people coming. She wants a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party and parents, but it is really cost prohibitive. Grooms parents have informed them that they are not paying for anything and we are already paying for reception and Sunday brunch after. On the other hand, I kind of feel like there should be some sort of welcome event; maybe just a no host meet and greet for all guests in the hotel bar. How do we have just the wedding party get together, plus greet all the guests in one evening I know you all have great ideas!
  8. Can someone email this spreadsheet to me? For some reason I cant open it and I would really like to have it! Thanks
  9. I forgot to add that the flowers are pink gerber daisies which are very summery and casual. Putting them with a long black formal dress would look odd in my opinion. Not sure they are going to take pics outside, but if they do, all the girls are going to burst into flames. I agree the excuse about the ugly feet is lame. She can wear closed toed shoes. Hopefully I put a bug in her ear and she will think about it. I appreciate all your input! It may be useful later in our conversations!
  10. Bachatabride..I agree with you...I know the ultimate decision is hers, I would just hate for there to be unhappy hot bridesmaids. I'm certainly not going to demand that she make changes; I was just hoping to "gently persuade".
  11. Yes, we are close....I've known her since she was 3 and her mom is not in the picture. That being said, I know she is getting differing opinions from everyone (her future SIL want them long because she thinks her feet are ugly). When I tried to explain that this would be way too hot, she just said, "well my dress is long too and I'm going to be hot". Ugh....I don't know how to handle this. I've let her make all the decisions with minimal input from me, but this one I feel very strongly about.
  12. Ok, I'm trying SO hard not to be a Momzilla here, but my stepdaughter wants long black bridesmaid dresses....in July....in Vegas. I really think they are 1) Inappropriate for the occasion, 2) Waaaay too hot even though there is air conditioning everywhere. How can I convince her to change her mind without causing WW3? Or should I just pick my battles? My other daughter who is a bridesmaid is already having fits, so I'm kind of in the middle here. On the upside, this is the first real disagreement we've had on wedding stuff! Thanks for all your input!
  13. That's what I'm afraid of; the dress losing it's shape...I'll try to mention it to my daughter, but she's pretty set on the dress. I have to pick my battles!
  14. The designer is Bill Levkoff...here is the dress. Bridesmaid Dresses and Formal Gowns: Bill Levkoff Collection Thanks.
  15. My daughter found her bridesmaids dresses at a local bridal shop. They are $200 there. The woman told her that all dresses had to be ordered from their shop so they can get the same dye lot. The dresses are black. There are two bridesmaids that live accross the country and one found the dress online for $138. Do you think that is true, that all the dresses need to be ordered together, or was the shop just trying to get all the business? I like the dress, but my feeling is that $200 is alot to ask of the bridesmaids, along with their travel expenses to Vegas and if there is a way to have some of the girls get the dress for less, they would really appreciate it. Thanks!