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Pics of my Dress!!!!

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Just gorgeous Leia! That dress is truly stunning on you and the jewelry and shoes are awesome with it! You look phenomenal!!!


I can't believe you are about to leave! Boy time sure does fly and I know you will love every moment of your DW adventure!!!

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Thanks everyone! I really can't wait till it fits better.


Originally Posted by KatyKo View Post
Such a beautiful dress on you :)


Don't you hate that the boobs go too!!

Totally hate that...why is it that they're always the first to go?


Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
Gorgeous Leia :) Love the accessories too...
Just had to say that I miss you around here :)


Originally Posted by MsSunshine View Post
Wow that dress looks gorgeous on you! I love your jewelry...can you tell me where you got it from?

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