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WC Question - What would you do? (long)

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#1 AlmostaSeif

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    Posted 09 October 2008 - 02:51 PM

    I am currently working with a wedding coordinator. I don't want to disclose her name just yet and throw her under the bus, because I may be overreacting.

    I contacted this person and we had an amazing phone conversation. She then emailed me and it seemed like we were right on the same page with everything. She knows exactly what I want and is extremely thorough. My father has been out of town for the last five weeks, so I asked if we could hold off on the payment until he returns (which was about 3 weeks away at this point). She said it was no problem at all and she continued to work with me. We started working on everything. She emailed me a few photographer ideas, DJ, florists, you name it. She had stated in her last email to me that we need to get people locked ASAP. I agree with her and am anxious to get this ball rolling. I sent her a really long reply with tons of questions and never heard back. This was September 16th or 17th.

    I started to worry about her and sent her an email to see if she had received my email and I heard nothing back. I waited a few more days, sent another email and still nothing. I finally saw an email in my spam folder from her (it was an out of office reply) telling me that she was going to be on vacation until October 9th! I had NO clue she was leaving for so long and would have appreciated an email telling me that she would be away. I don’t mind...just tell me so I am not freaking out!

    THEN, I got an email from her on Monday telling me that she would respond to my questions later that afternoon and I have yet to hear anything. We are ready to pay the deposit, but I am worried now. What should I do? Am I overreacting? Is it typically like this? Did I freak her out? Haha! Help!

    #2 Ana


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    Posted 09 October 2008 - 02:55 PM

    um no I would be pretty angry too, at least uber anxious! I would pick up the phone and call her if I were you. If you have a bad feeling about her though, I wouldn't continue to work with her, its your wedding and you want it to be perfect and as stress free as possible.

    #3 AlmostaSeif

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      Posted 09 October 2008 - 03:02 PM

      Thanks Ana. I am so bummed though! She was amazing! She is in my budget and I don't want to start all over! Ugh.

      I sound like a baby, I know...I guess I should start looking for other WC's now!

      #4 Hartyt509

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        Posted 09 October 2008 - 03:30 PM

        Give her a ring and find out what is going on, you never know she might have had some crisis or other. I know it doesn't answer why she was so rude in not getting back to you but if you were so "together" with everything it seems mad to start again without finding out what is wrong.

        #5 Glamourina

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          Posted 09 October 2008 - 04:01 PM

          I can totally understand why you wouldn't want to switch WCs right now, as you seemed to really have clicked with her at first..but I think a WC's main job is to take away stress that you would normally have from planning a wedding, and it seems like this WC is causing you more stress!

          #6 A10CalGal

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            Posted 09 October 2008 - 04:07 PM

            Honestly, this does not surprise me. I wouldn't freak out too much...but I would probably be working on booking my own photographer - that's the thing that you will run out of time on.

            #7 AlmostaSeif

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              Posted 09 October 2008 - 04:35 PM

              Thanks for the prospective Maureen! That was one of my thoughts. You are totally right, I am not a paying customer yet. She has done a lot of work for me already and has done amazing. I guess my qualm is that she kinda fell off the face of the earth. I understand that she may need to put others before me, which I am completely okay with 100%. Even a very short email to let me know that she is busy and that she will respond when she can would be enough. The fact that she emailed me on Monday and said she would get back to me that afternoon and STILL hasn't emailed me is a little upsetting. Heck, even if she emailed me back on Monday and said that she still can't get to me, then I would be okay. I just want to know what is going on, you know? I feel like we did all this work and RIGHT before we are about to pay her...she ignores me.

              #8 Mango Deck

              Mango Deck
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                Posted 09 October 2008 - 06:15 PM

                Hi there, I know you're freaking out, but truth be told, most WC's and/or vendors related to weddings, take summer as a vacation period, due to the low wedding rate during those months.

                I've always said that some people deserves second chances, and I bet that if you give her a call, she'll be able to tell you the reasons why she hasn't respond...
                Maybe an E.R. situation?
                BF gone wrong?
                I guess, waht I want to say, is that, You could cut her a bit more slack, but if with the phone call she still the same... Then slap her 'round a bit and then find someone...JK

                #9 AlmostaSeif

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                  Posted 16 October 2008 - 01:38 PM

                  Update! Everything worked out. We talked and worked everything out. We paid our deposit yesterday! I figured out that I was having problems with my yahoo email account. She did apologize for not responding sooner, but as expected, she was really busy. Thanks everyone for your advice. I apologize for freaking out!

                  #10 *Heather*


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                    Posted 16 October 2008 - 01:46 PM

                    I'm glad everything has worked out for you. The last thing you need during wedding planning is anything else to stress you out!

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