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Any one else taking a strip-tease class?

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So although I may miss the first episode of Survivor, tonight is my 3rd session of Strip-Tease lessons/Pole Dancing. I am wondering if anyone else has done this... would do this... or would never do a class like this.


So far, it has been fantastic....


Week one was an entire class on the floor, it was sorta like Yoga goes Sensual...


Week two was a cat-walk style routine....


I am hoping that in week three she lets us start spinning around the poles!


FI thinks that the whole idea of the striptease class is amazing


Any thoughtshuh.gif?


I am taking the classes at a place called Organic Bodies, it is about an hour from my office, but totally worth the commute... I travel with three other fantastic ladies...



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this sounds awesome! i saw this once on tv and thought it be neat to learn. and also, maybe i can give joe alil show on our first night together as hubby and wifey. he'd prob pass out though b/c doing a strip tease isnt like me. when i saw this on tv, i think it was e!, i was like DAMMIT why cant i be sexy, why cant i do that??!!


i wanna look at places near me!!!!!!! (carly you wanna do it??!! maybe its one night a week?)



so, im sure you feel like u did a workout too? are your legs and ass sore?

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I workout a lot.... well... I think it is a lot...


Sunday = 1.5hr Kickboxing Aerobics


Monday = minimum of a 5Km run... usually a 7-8Km run


Tuesday = 1.5hr Kickboxing Aerobics


Wednesday = house stuff... no planned workout, sometimes a run


Thursday = dance class (I was in Belly Dance, but now striptease)


Friday = Martini Friday... so I never work out on Fridays


Saturday = 10Km run... almost religiously... to burn off the martinis from Friday.....


Having said that...




You will get in wicked shape... I was aching through my core and bottom!


It is awesome! You totally should do it!

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I've always wanted to take a strip tease class. I dont know if i could keep a straight face during it, i cant even keep a straight face during a regular workout. I look so awkward when i work out. I dont know if i could be sexy while i'm working out.


let us know how your class goes tonight.

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Originally Posted by BachataBride View Post
I want to do it!!!
What better way to get rid of those "few" pounds before the wedding than a strip-tease!!!
That is exactly how I feel about it... It has been awesome thus far!

Belly Dance was my favourite, we would have been in level 3 this term, but the teacher switched the day that the class runs on... and then it didn't work for one of the girls I usually travel with.... She is the teacher of the aerobics class I take twice a week....

this is the new dance class...

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

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I took a workout class in college called "Cardio Strip." Naive me thought it meant stripping off the calories/fat, but no...it meant strip tease :) It ended up being a lot of fun though.


We were thinking about taking a class as part of my bachelorette party...but the only place I know of near me just closed sad.gif


I still want to do it though!! FI would flip if I even gave him a lil taste of what they teach in class haha

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