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These are all awesome ideas!!! I am wanting to put a welcome note in each OOT bag that each guest will get when they arrive. I am also going to include an itenerary inside the bag for the weeks events that guests can but are no obligated to take part in.

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My idea was I was going to make a postcard from vistaprint and include some last minute info for wedding events - my plan is to sent it several weeks before the wedding. I though it would be cute and get people excited for the wedding..

and they keep having free offers, so I'm hoping to get it for free (or at least some of it free because you have to pay to add color and stuff like that).

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Originally Posted by Nanner431 View Post
Here is what I put in our bags althought we handed them out to everyone a month before the wedding hoping to get everyone excited for it.
Hi There,
Thank you for posting your welcome letter, that's brilliant! I see that you had a dance at the nightclub on the resort, I am doing the same and I was wondering do you have many photographs of the disco as I haven't seen many? If so, could you post them or email them to me at carly_s_r@yahoo.com that is great, thanks!


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Using the passport template is such a good idea! I love the passport invites - they are too cute, but already have my heart set on another invite design, now I can do both!


(add another thing to the DIY list :)! )

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Originally Posted by sdnative222 View Post
You aren't overdoing it. In fact, you are being very thoughtful and considerate to your whole wedding party. It's always better for sharing more information than not enough.

I, too, sent out a pre-wedding packet 3 weeks before departure which included the following: Countdown letter, pool party (in lieu of rehearsal dinner) invite, packing for paradise information, and contact information (bridal party & WP). In retrospect, I should have also included hotel numbers and more maps.

Countdown letter read:
It's time to start counting down the days until we are in (location), sitting by the ocean, soaking in the sund with a tropical drink in hand. We are glad you are joining us in (location) for the warm weather as we exchange vows and begin our lives together. In an effort to make your trip as easy as possible, we have included a "Packing for Paradise" brochure with useful travel information.
We're so very excited to take this journey with all of you. See you in (location)!


Packing for Paradise information included:
"Packing can be stressful. No one likes to realize they forgot something. Hopefully, this brochure will help you remember everything."
Carry-on packing list
Check-in luggage packing list
Leave behind/to do before leaving checkoff list
Regulations for carry-ons "3-1-1 Rule" & checked bag fees

The welcome bags included the following: Welcome/thank you letter, The Big Day timeline, local maps and tourist info, personalized water bottles, snacks, and sunscreen with bug repellant


Are you able to provide me with your lists of all these letershuh.gif I love love love your ideas.

Thanks so much

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