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Labels & Invitations - I love Vistaprint!!

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I just wanted to let everyone know about a great (inexpensive!) website for ordering Invitations/Thank you cards/Labels/etc!

www.vistaprint.com (for all my fellow Canadians, there is a canadian website www.vistaprint.ca, but the US one is still cheaper!)


Ok...so this is what I ordered.

In March I ordered:

130 invitations w/ a custom upload pic on the back (plain envelopes included)

10 large magnets (same as invites, but back was blank)

140 address labels (see old addy)


all for a low price of $125 (incl. shipping!) FYI...I paid for the slow shipping (21 days) and received it in less than 2 weeks!


I also just ordered my thank you labels to put on the boxes for the sandalwood fans. I couldn't find a nice sticker to go with my palm tree theme so I used a pic of a palm trees that I took on our last DR vacation & added it the vistaprint label. I was also not restricted with number of characters & lines. I love them!

I took this opportunity to order the address labels for our NEW HOUSE!!

The pic shown is of our 6 mth old chocolate lab Killick!!

These two sets of labels (140 count each) w/ the custom upload pics cost me only $20...and it's exactly what I wanted...all custom!! And I just ordered them on Thursday w/ "slow" shipping & I checked today (Monday) and they are shipped already!! I love this site!!


I also plan on ordering my Thank you cards from here as well when we get back from the wedding. I will upload our wedding pic so that it is personalized!


Anyway, I just thought I would share my great find!


Have fun everyone!!











New Addy Labels.pdf

Old Addy Labels.pdf

TY labels.pdf

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Those are great! I used the design you used for your invites for our Rehearsal Dinner invitation. They have the same design but in a longer card and I used it for our menu card for the Rehearsal Dinner.


They look great!

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Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
I love vistaprint! Your invites are really cute. good job with them.
Thank you!
I love VP too!! They should be paying me for advertising - I tell EVERYONE about them!!!

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I love this site... I order everything from them. Noah's birthday invites, blank note cards, address labels, and bunch of things for the wedding. I am making a wedding wishes book from a scapbook and used the buniness cards with the logo I created from their site. I also went and bought baseball caps for the guys and made tshirts for the girls. Sign up for the email specials... you get items free all the time. I have saved 100's of dollars by using them for the wedding and everyday use.

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I am a vista lover too. My STD magnets I ordered from there. Their customer service is based in jamaica and being that i am getting married there i was just excited to know that. Your invites are great.

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