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BM and MOH gifts?

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Is everyone giving their BM and MOH gifts out on the wedding day? If so when is the right time to do it? Wasn't sure if anyone was giving their gifts in with the OOT bag goodies? (see... I told you I was stressing about silly little things! LOL!)

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Originally Posted by BayBug View Post
I am still unsure of what to give me two ladies. When I do decide I am going to place it in their room when they arrive. Just to make it special for them.

That is such a cute idea, I love it. It's always nice to walk into a room and get a surprise. I love surprises. (but only the good ones. LOL)

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We gave my Matron-of-honor her gift the weekend before we left for Mexico. I got her a really nice, engraved jewelry box with the wedding jewelry inside. We actually paid for the Best Man to go, so that was his gift! :)


I just didn't want to mess with moving the jewelry box to Mexico and then have her bring it home. If it's something smaller, I would totally do it the night before. Then, they can admire the jewelry before they have to put it on too!

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