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  1. we had our reception at the Lol-ha restaurant in akumal. are you looking only in tulum?
  2. we stayed at the Villa Rolandi for part of our honeymoon. it was very nice and the 5 star treatment was nice but we were a bit spoiled after spending time in akumal and tulum before Isla. the beaches, serenity, people, food, etc just doesn't compare in our minds. i know lots of people love isla but it was a little too 'hectic' and developed for us after spending so much time in the akumal/tulum area. depends on what you are looking for really. we stayed at ana y jose in tulum and it was amazing although not AI.
  3. we used paradise tours for all of our transportation. they were outstanding, extremely helpful, very professional and reasonably priced. Talk to Stuart. PARADISE TOURS Inside the Omni Hotel, Puerto Aventuras office@paradisetours.info Welcome to Paradise Tours - From USA and Canada Call 01152 984 875 1950 ext 5419
  4. little late here but we used turtle bay for our cupcake wedding cake and it was AWESOME!!! jennifer the owner was so helpful with flavors and design. we had our wedding in akumal so it was probably a bit easier but she held the cupcakes at her shop until right before it was served so the heat wouldn't get to it, came to pick up flowers from the ceremony to decorate the cake to help save us money, and did a fantastic job setting it up. they were soooo yummy and lots of our guests commented on how good there were. the food is fantastic as well.
  5. we stayed at ana y jose for our honeymoon and it was amazing. we looked at the cabanas but decided we wanted air conditioning and a bar on site! it was very romantic, secluded, beautiful (swimming) beach, rental car included, very attentive staff, not 5 star meals but the breakfasts included were great, and the list goes on...
  6. does anyone know where you can find the mother of pearl garland?
  7. my bouquet is 60 and 45 for the BMs. mine will have other flowers mixed with the gerbers and the girls will just be gerbers.
  8. my seamstress convinced me i should have a little gap between my dress and my bod bc if it were any tighter, it would pull too much. do you have a gap? i feel like it looks too big but i'm afraid to ask her to take it in more bc i don't want to 'hang' over it. it feels comfortable but you can see a small space btween me and the dress...
  9. i'm getting ready to print my programs - what's better laser or ink? i'm using cardstock and making the fan programs. thanks!
  10. we are using the jcrew swiss dot beach dress from last year for BM dresses. their special occasions division is fabulous. they were great in helping find sizes, making sure they could return them (since they were on sale normally we wouldn't be able to if they didn't fit), showing me how to find extra stock online (add an ST to the style number in the item search), etc. last order i placed online i used SNTL promotional code for an additional 10% off - might still work.
  11. i contacted the vendor bc i wanted details with our wedding so close. they have 25 cases and no expiration dates. the 3 auctions that are up are the only ones that will be up for the next two weeks bc they are going out of town. after that they will post more. so if your wedding is still a ways off, you have plenty of time and they have plenty of stock!
  12. my ebay strategy is to wait as long as possible. the earlier you bid the longer the potential bidding war which usually means a higher end price.
  13. just thinking about pictures with all the guys in the wedding party in tan pants and white shirts. probably overthinking it...
  14. did you tell your dads what to wear or just let them go with it? my dad has chosen white pants and i'm not sure how i feel about it. (he wants to do white pants with tan shirts bc groomsman are wearing tan pants and white shirt). the white pants thing throws me off a little.
  15. has anyone found a great deal on them? given them in the OOT bag and gotten positive feedback from guests? i'd think everyone would love them.
  16. FYI i found the cutest candles on clearance for .50 each at michaels. they are black and white with flowers on the lids and the bases vary (stripes, polka dots and flowers). very cute and super cheap.
  17. does anyone have contact info for the mariachi trio they are using in the riviera maya area? my WC is only suggesting one and they have a harpist. i'm interested in just strings so they can play the ceremony then pick it up for the walk to the cocktail hour and the cocktail hour itself.
  18. great thanks for the links! i went to micheals last night and picked up some silk white flowers to try with my up-do. i am going to cut off the stem and glue them to a hair clip or barrett. its a cheap way too try different things out (and might just work for the final product too).
  19. here's what i know - i don't think its an event really but more like a table set up for the vendor so the reception goes on around him. my WC quoted about $150US for the vendor then the cigars are additional on top of that. you can either pay for them or have the guests pay themselves - or pay for say the $12 cigar and if someone wants to buy a $20 cigar its on them. she cautioned that guests might not really get that this is something the bride and groom arranged but rather just a service from the hotel so they might not appreciate it as much. my concern is will all the guys be hanging around smoking cigars, not part of the reception really and smoking the place up! those are the main reasons why i'm curious to hear from others that have used them. honestly, i think the guys would think it was the best reception ever if we had it. hope that helps.
  20. i know! i think i'm in denial that it will ever be under just one month...
  21. so far so good. i had a bad experience with an unresponsive wedding coordinator and actually had to switch to emmanuelle just a few weeks ago! she's been great so far. i have lots of pics from her but she's probably sent you the same. i emailed with a bride that just got married there - i'll ask her if its ok to send you her photos. pm me your email.
  22. has anyone found travel candle tins and if so, where? i want to include them in my OOT bag but i can't find any under 3 bucks on the internet. next stop the dollar store but wanted to check here first to see if anyone has had any luck. thanks!
  23. where are you getting your CD labels and cases? i'm having the hardest time finding a case - i don't want to do plastic so i've been searching for a template for a paper case. how much are the custom labels/cases if don't mind me asking?
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