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Tell us something we didn't know about you.


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Ok I'm bored again. So I thought It might be fun to tell each other something that we don't know about us.



Ok I'll start...


1. When I was going through my divorce I gained a bunch of weight. (like 45 pounds or so) Since then I've lost the weight and now I'm super paranoid that I might gain the weight back when we/if we ever have a baby.

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I have always felt that I will not be able to have children on my own. I have this huge fear that I cannot get pregnant. Its this weird thing that I just know I will have to get fertility treatment.

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Originally Posted by jillhigginsphotography View Post
Uhhhh....I once broke my ankle being chased by transvestites through Savannah.

:) :) hahaha :) :)

true story
OMG Jill - you are cracking me up!!

I don't think I can top that.....but let me see. I was chased by a dog once while I was running and I jumped on top of a brick mail box and had to sit there for like 15-20 minutes before the dog got tired of hanging out with me and left...it was like 5:00 in the a.m., so there was no one around...it sucked! haha!
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I feel the same way as Christine. I actually have endometriosis and I have had it since I was 14, so I'm REALLY scared about not being able to have babies. And then last weekend my sister made a comment about me being on fertility drugs and having seven babies at once! Scary!!!

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Christine I don't think your the only one who feels that way....I've felt that way for a while too (not being able to have children) but guess what...FI just told me that he might not want to have kids....rather travel by ourselves and be together instead of having little brats tagging along (his words). I'm sure I can change his mind though to having at least one.

He frustrates me sometimes.


Let's see I love to Shop and talk on the phone and love being on this forum :)


I also was doing my student teaching a year ago and was doing a history lesson when one of my students asked me "Ms. R are we in B.C or A.D?" Well....I told her " hmmmm i'm not sure, I'll look it up for you." I then went home and asked FI and he just looked at me with this weird look and said " Andrea are you ok?" Once I thought about it I felt so stupid. blush2.gif I even went to my master teacher that day and asked her and SHE didn't even know. I think we were both brain farting that day.

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My 15 minutes of fame:


I was a classical recording artist when I was in high school. Had 4 albums made/sold by the time I was 16 and toured the US in my jr-sr year of high school. Pretty cool--- got to perform to Pres. Reagan at Lincoln Center.


Second thing is that I used to do 'go-go' dancing in my early 20's at various bars. I wound up dancing with "Stomp" and "Lords of Acid"....

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if i listed all the names ive ever gone by it would look like this -


cynthia leigh cooper miller gordon miller


ive been married only twice!


ok if you really want the rundown -


my fathers name is cooper. but when my mother remarried, when i was very young my step-dads name was miller. apparently she wanted all our names to match so she started putting leigh miller on everything (yes this has caused me some major problems as she never did it legally!) so i was leigh miller. then i married a gordon. leigh gordon. we got divorced and i married a miller. back to leigh miller.


havent changed it legally yet. so officially i am still cynthia leigh gordon. sometimes im very confused!


and for some reason people just cant get that leigh even though its my middle name its still the name i go by and a REAL name. so many times i hear "oh so cynthias your REAL name!" i think my kids will only get a first and a last name - no middle!

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