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Grand Sunset Princess Resort

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    Posted 13 January 2011 - 12:25 PM


    Originally Posted by Tamara2 

    Originally Posted by lea_rai 

    Hi Misshh and all my fellow Mexico brides,


    Thanks for all the information!  I'm getting married at GRP in April and having our reception at Mamma Mia as well.  Just wondering if you could PM me some pics of the restaurant.  When I 'google' it there seems to be 2 different pictures that come up.  They don't look very similar so it's hard to believe that they are the same restaurant.


    Of course, I can't seem to get any answers from our WC, Alejandra.  I emailed her on Jan 5th and still have not heard back from her.  SO FRUSTRATING!!


    My guess is that you stayed on the 'Sunset' side in Platinum... Did you happen to notice how the construction on the 'Riviera' side is coming along?  Many of our guests are booked in Platinum suites as well and I've heard that the pools are closed in that area along with the Platinum Lounge, of course.  I'm waiting to hear back from my travel provider to see what the status will be by the time we arrive as I don't feel it's fair that we've been charged the full amount for these rooms if all the amenities are not available.  


    My email address is lraible@hotmail.com.  Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated!


    I wish you all the best!!





    For some reason my first post didn't work...lol!!


    Anyways,I just got off the phone with my travel agent, for anyone that is booked on the Riviera Platinum side, you will be relocated to another section on the resort, will all the amenities as if you were still in the actual "Platinum Suites"... but the only difference is that your not on the beach... 


    Hope this helps ease some minds.... it helped mine..


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      Posted 13 January 2011 - 12:28 PM

      For some reason my first post didn't work...lol!!


      Anyways,I just got off the phone with my travel agent, for anyone that is booked on the Riviera Platinum side, you will be relocated to another section on the resort, will all the amenities as if you were still in the actual "Platinum Suites"... but the only difference is that your not on the beach...


      Hope this helps ease some minds.... it helped mine.. 

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        Posted 13 January 2011 - 12:36 PM

        For some reason my first reply didn't work...... lol!!


        Anyway, I just got off the phome with my travel agent, for anyone that is booked on the Riviera Platium side, you will be relocated to another section on the resort, which they said will be closer to the front of the Resort, with all the amenities as if you were still in the actual "Platium Suite".... but the only diffrence is that your not on the beach....



        Hope this helps ease some minds.... It helped mine... 

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          Posted 13 January 2011 - 05:53 PM

          Hey all,


          My Fiance and I are getting married Dec. 8/11 and are just starting to get into the details now. We are expecting atleast 30+ people. We have been to the GSP before 2 years ago and it was amazing. We would like to get married on the beach and also have our reception there. Can any one on here send us some pictures and maybe some prices?? What is the email address of the Wedding Coordinator we should start contacting. We are just waiting on our travel agent to get us a group rate before we book the date. Do you think that we should just put down the $200 now and worry about the flights and rooms later? Please Please PLEASE feel free to email us any and all the information you have at adam.herman@xplornet.ca


          Thanks alot,


          Adam and Ashley

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            Posted 14 January 2011 - 10:16 AM

            The gazebo wasnt destroyed they just said that to be able to get to the Gazebo you would have to go through the area that is under construction.

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              Posted 14 January 2011 - 10:20 AM

              Thanks Tamara,


              I guess that's ok if we get moved to a different category of room but let me tell you it better be one of the Laguna Villa Suites. ;)


              I've been told by my Wedding Planner, that all would be fine by the time we arrive, but it doesn't seem to be that way.  I just wish they would keep us posted with these kind of changes.  I know a lot of my guests will be a bit disappointed that we'll be far from the beach and that we won't be in the Platinum suites (they're gorgeous!).


              When are you headed down to Mexico?






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                Posted 14 January 2011 - 10:57 AM

                Does anyone have a copy of the vows they use during the ceremony?


                Also, wondering where a good place to get OOT bags is??


                Thank you.

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                  Posted 14 January 2011 - 01:00 PM


                  Originally Posted by agirolamo 

                  Gujarwala -


                  Im so pleased to hear all your comments about the resort and your awesome looking wedding! Thanks for posting all your thoughts about it.. as well as the pics :) 


                  The WC has informed me about the Gazebo, and that it may not be up and running by the time we get married in Feb... and provided pictures of the alternative location (the yuppa) which is where they situated your ceremony. It looked beautiful.  We have 3 bridesmaids and groomsmen on each side, which should give us enough space if need be, but I like your idea of having them stand outide the 'box' lol.


                  As for the 'rehearsal'... did they not provide you with one? Or did you not ask? My Mother-in-Law has been wondering that and I have no answers for her. How long was the ceremony anyways? Our time slot for the wedding is 3pm Ceremony, and 6pm dinner.  We opted out for the private reception as it was too much money for us, so we are having a dinner at the a'la carte resturant instead. Which I would like to ask...... did you eat at any one of them? and if so, can you reccommend one that is 'reception-quality'?? I was thinking the Momma Mia one (or something?) What do you think??


                  Must tell your bride that she looked incredible and chose beautiful bridesmaid dresses..! Yellow was my second pick. I went with orange instead. Nice contrast against the ocean and sand.


                  thanks again for posting pics, and comments. Im glad that you had a wonderful time, may this be the beginning of a wonderful life for you and your wife!




                  Thanks Agirolamo for all of your compliments!  And I did pass on your kind words to my wife too. 


                  I think we could have gotten a rehearsal if we really pushed for it.  I did ask her if we can do a rehearsal and she said "yeah sure, we will be there a bit earlier around 1:40 and we can go over everything then (the ceremony time was 2 pm) and they didn't give good instructions as to how to find the "yuppa" - so by the time we finally found it it was closer to 2 pm even though we tried to be there for 1:30 to 1:40.  Perhaps if we knew we weren't looking for an actual gazebo it would have been easier to find.  The WC didn't arrive until close to 2 pm so there wasn't a proper rehearsal.  I think the only way we could have gotten one is if I specifically requested that we all meet and rehearse a day before the ceremony, as opposed to just asking for a rehearsal and accepting the response that we can meet 20 mins before the ceremony to rehearse.  The WC's office is a good 15 min walk from the yuppa, so that's probably why she did not want to accomodate a separate rehearsal.


                  The ceremomy was 20 mins long.


                  As for a la carte's, I ate at Mama Mia, La Hacienda, Miso and the Seafood restaurant (I forget what it's called now).  They are all decorated nice and formal inside, although most of the group did not like the food at Mama Mia (was very salty, maybe its the cheese they use in Mexico, not sure)...the seafood restaurant had some nice dishes but some seemed under-cooked...Miso (Japanese) was the favourite for most of us, and I really liked La Hacienda too (Mexican restaurant).  Miso has the option of seating you in front of a tepan grill where they cook it in front of you, not sure if they offer that with wedding receptions but I dont see why not.


                  Good luck with everything, let me know if you have any other questions.

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                    Posted 14 January 2011 - 01:04 PM

                    Originally Posted by April2011Bride 


                    Hello Ladies,


                    I am new to this blog and I am set to get married at the GSP April 15, 2011. I was really excited reading this whole string of blogs until I got to the explosion part. One of the main reasons I chose this resort was because of the beautiful gazebo in which you had the choice to get married in. Imagine my heart break when I found out it was destroyed in the explosion.


                    Honestly i hope they have it rebuilt by April 2011, however I am concerned that they will not. We have a bridal party of 3 BM's and 3 GM's. With that "box" it seems as though they would get cut out of the picture anyway.


                    I truly hope they will rebuild the gazebo as I also had fantastic shoes to wear. haha! Any updates from anyone will be appreciated.


                    Much Thanks.

                     When we got our photographer's pictures they were better than we expected given the restrictions of the yuppa.  She had placed her camera near the ground and angled upwards and was walking around the box to get various angles and shots of different bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I might post some later on when I'm back on my home computer.  I wouldn't be too discouraged about not having the gazebo available although I still would have preferred the gazebo and more importantly would have preferred if there was better communication with my WC in which I could have been informed of it not being available.  But overall we had a good experience as the reception and all else made up for it.

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                      Posted 14 January 2011 - 01:06 PM

                      Originally Posted by agirolamo 

                      Originally Posted by misshh 

                      Hello Everyone,


                      We just returned from the Grand Princess on January 9th, the resort is Amazing!!! very beautiful, in fact I have guests that said that they well be returning. The Location for the wedding was very nice and off to the side, it was perfect as we only had a small group of 25 . For those of you that might have been worried like I was about hearing and seeing construction I didnt see a thing and we were in Platnium. We choose to do the a la carte reception at the mamma Mia and it was very good!! They set it up very nice with a head Table and it was off to the side which was very nice. For those of you that are worried about were to have your first Dance if you did not get the Dance floor they let us do are first dance right on the beach after the ceremony we really enjoyed that.

                      The only thing that I have to complain about was our wedding coordinator Mara there was not very good communication. For our  Nuptual breakfast we had to call room service ourselves which we thought she would have done for us, also we called the day after our wedding about our massage and we were told that that was our job to book it with the spa (which we were never told or we would have done it earlie) also there was no room decoration the night of our wedding which was supposed to be in the package. We just though we should have been told alot more at our meeting.

                      Another thing that was very nice was that my whole group was upgraded to Junior Deluxe instead of the standard Junior Suite my guests were very pleased with there rooms. One thing to that I thought I should mention A la cartes for Junior Suites and Deluxe suites were hard to book so let your guests know to book them right away as some of my guests were not able to book them, but if you are in Platnium it is way easier to book a la cartes I was even able to book 2 Group Suppers.( The fondue was amazing and also the Le fleur, awsome Filet)

                      I think this Place was perfect for our wedding!! and my Guests had so much fun at this resort ( as most of them like to party!!) Also Playa Del Carman was an awsome place to go some of us just got a big Taxi and all went together. I Hope that all you Couples out there have an amazing day just like we did and all the best in the future!!! If anybody has any questions feel free to email me and ask I'll be more then happy to answer any questions (:







                      Hey Misshh,


                      Thanks for this awesome post. It helped me emmensly.  Im glad that you enjoyed your wedding, and it sounded like your guests had an awesome time as well.


                      I am getting married in Feb, so just around the corner in order to make final decsions... one being the a la arte restaurant.  We were thinking of the Mamma Mia one too, and from the sounds of it, you enjoyed that one very much.  Would you reccommend that one, or another one? I like how they gave you a head table.. I was wondering that myself.  We have 40 ppl with us... you think they'll charge me extra (cause it states room for 20ppl)


                      Where did you get married? was it in the gazebo? or the Yuppa (as they call it)?  Then did you have to ask for a first dance after the ceremony, or was that just provided? Did you have a song that you wanted them to play?  That was another worry of mine... that there wasnt going to be a 'first dance' unless you got a private reception or something.


                      We are staying in the platinum suite also, glad that it wasnt affected by the explotion, and that it didnt affect your time at the resort.


                      As for the WC... I have Mara also.. I will be sure to go much further in detail about the rooms, and spa arrangements... thanks for the heads up.


                      If there is anything else that you would like to mention, I am all ears! :)


                      Congrats on your wedding...



                      For us we had a large group dinner of 38 at La Hacienda the first evening eveyrone arrived, this was sort of a "welcome dinner" separate from the wedding.  Since the packages say they include a dinner reservatino for 20, they charged $12 for each head over 20, i.e. for 40 people they will charge (40 - 20) x $12 = $240.  They set it up as one very long table off to the side, can post a picture of that later too when I'm on my home computer.

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