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  1. Hey girls, I am driving myself crazy flipping between a legal and symbolic ceremony. Does anyone know how much of the legal ceremony you can change? Will the judge add anything to it if you want without taking anything away. I really wish they had a ring ceremony and vows incorporated. Thanks, Christa
  2. Hey girls, So I have since found out that my new coordinator has changed yet again, and I have to send all my information for the third time. The good news is, is that I am since finding out all of this new information and it looks like I might be making some changes. Originally I though that you could use the reception dinner from your package another night (welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner) and now I am being told that that is not possible, and that if you don't use it your wedding night it is forfeited. Has anyone else been given conflicting information? We are holding our reception for 43 people at the Chill Out Club so we won't be using the dinner in the package at all. Now I feel that the cost of the package is overpriced as I am not using a big chunk of the costs. I am also looking into getting married legally here, in Canada, opposed to there as it will save us some money and more importantly, we can use our own ceremony script (i hope, still looking into this). With all this being said, I was hoping to find out from the rest of you beautiful brides ... What are you doing for your packages? I am now thinking of choosing the 800.00 package and adding all the extras on that I want. I am not sure if it works out better that way as I am still trying to research it all. Has anyone else been through this process already or does anyone have an additional cost price list??? I feel like there is a better way to do this and I just don't know what it is at this point. How are you doing with your planning Sam and takelly? I hope things are going smoothly.
  3. Hey Samantha, Have you spoken with Beauty Weddings about doing your own vows during the ceremony. I didn't know you couldn't change it at all. I find the script is so vague when it comes to the vows and ring exchange. What have you decided to do?? Is anyone else having the same thoughts??? I was expecting something a bit more personal and romantic. Thanks!!!
  4. Hi Samantha, I am just starting to figure out all these details. What are you doing for flowers and decorations? I am just finishing my ceremony script so I can do up my programs. What colors are you using, I am using navy blue and fusia. I just picked up some table runners and chair sashes for 60.00, it was a great deal. Things are starting to come together. Going to order my cake topper soon. Ordered my favors, I am using personalized stemless wineglasses and having them shipped to the resort. I just hope they get there ok and don't get lost. Has anyone else heard of doing this?? Sam, who are you using to ship your wedding dress??? I feel so lost these days and I think I'm falling behind. I can't believe how fast time is going. Good luck, hope to see you there.
  5. Hi Danielle, Who are you using for your decorations and flowers. I really don't like the options that the resort has. May I ask how much they are charging and whether or not the resort is charging you extra for having an outside vendor come in. My wedding is in 7 weeks and I need to start figuring these things out. HELP!!
  6. Hi Sam, I have been trying to get a hold of the ceremony script/vows. I would love if you could send it to me. My email is christabrooking@hotmail.com. I love your song selections as well. I have been looking at using songbird and make you feel my love as well. What song are you using for your first dance. I am thinking of using "have a little faith in me" Hope all your other planning is going smoothly. I am getting so excited. The time has gone by so fast. Christa
  7. I haven't heard anything from beautyweddings. Did they contact you? I am feeling like I am very out of touch with the details. Vancity Bride - who are you using for your flowers and decor? Is it expensive? Thanks xx
  8. Oh my, I have about 60 guests coming for our wedding. My invitations went out last week and I have had about 20 RSVP'd. Can't wait to get my final numbers so I can continue to plan the rest of the details. I'm not too sure what we are going to do about the reception at this point. I'm nervous to have the reception outside due to the chance of rain at night. So far I am thinking a gala reception or the thai beach club (it's too bad they charge so much for it). With regards to Mara, I have also found her very helpful. I haven't had any problems getting a hold of her by telephone and she usually emails back within a week or so. I just emailed her and asked her if she could provide me details regarding the ceremony and was wondering whether or not they could do cupcakes instead of a cake. Going to look at rings today and hopefully order my bridesmaid dresses this week. I'm getting more and more excited as things start coming together.
  9. Hi Samantha, We arrive on Sunday the 23rd and we leave on the 30th as well. We decided to only go for a week and we might do something else for our Honeymoon. I would have liked to stay longer but I just started a new job so I can't take that long. I am going to have to wait until the new year.
  10. Hi Samantha and Tammy, It's so great to be able to connect with brides getting married at the same resort and in the same month. What are you doing for your receptions? I have about 50 guests so it looks like I will be planning a private venue. My dress should be in soon - getting very excited. Picked out the bridesmaid dresses - they will be wearing navy blue. Still need to get them ordered however. Invitation I am hoping to have out this weekend if everything goes according to plan and I am hoping to have the RSVPs back for July 1st. What about you ladies...where are you at with your planning. Have you made decisions regarding your cakes, flowers, etc. Can't wait to hear about all your plans. Christa
  11. Our wedding date is set for October 28th, 2011 at 3pm at the Grand Sunset Princess. Can't wait!!!!!
  12. I was wondering if anyone has any photo's of the Gala Reception areas. I have received a couple from the resort but they are very basic and they don't show much of a set up. I am still trying to choose between the beach reception, the thai beach reception, and a gala reception. I think we will have about 50 people attending. Any pictures of the a la carte set ups would be great as well, just in case. As well as any photo's of the area in the lobby where most people hold their first dance. Like I said, I am still weighing out my options.
  13. When are you sending out your wedding invitations and how long are you giving your guests to RSVP? Does anyone else feel as anxious to find out their numbers? I have 95 invited but I think we will be sitting around 50 or 60 once the RSVP's come back. Of course this is going to determine a few things for me so I want to know the numbers yesterday.
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