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  1. Hi all!! Its been a really long time since I've been back from my amazing wedding at the Grand Riviera Princess in March. Hope I can remember everything.... We had 38 guest arrive. 30 of which all stayed in the platinum side (Well worth every penny) They don't give you a limit on the A La Cartes per week and to have a private pool, it was amazing. it turned out to be a great meeting place... We had Mara as our WC... a little scared going to the resort, I had read some brides that had a signed contract weeks before getting to the resort... Us we didn't get anything picked out like flowers, cake, our dinner until 2 days after we got to the resort. We gave Mara our wedding favors, so on the day they would be at our place setting for dinner.... We had the legal ceremony... We met with the legal representative the day before the wedding. we gave our blood and signed a couple forms and basically when on our way... They told us that the Marriage Certificate should arrive in 3 months... I was actually surprised it arrived in Canada 6 weeks. in Spanish.... The wedding day started with me eating breakfast with family & sitting by the pool until my hair appointment at 12 (noon) by one of the girls in the spa, my brides made also had a appointment at the same time... There is only two chairs so make sure that you leave enough time if others want there hair done too.. I forgot my picture in the room to show how i would like my hair, but they had a binder of pictures that I went through and found one that I loved.. my hair dresser did not speak any English, if you do not have a picture explaining if could be difficult.. We were done around 1:30ish I walked back to my room to get ready and my flowers were already delivered. (sitting on the bed) and my dress was hanging ( back from getting steamed) I was a little worried about house keeping taking my dress to have it pressed but I'm glad I did. they did a fabulous job. Also when i arrived back to my room. there was a fruit tray and champagne... Love it!! 2:00 my family & friends came to help me get dresses, by that time my photographer (Claudia Rodriguez) was talking pictures of us getting ready. 2:45 the trolley was there to pick us up (room for 6 people) and took us to the beach.... We had the beach reception.... It was beautiful.... I was soo pleased with how everything turned out. the day before my husband and I took a peek at another wedding that was going on and talked to the "music guy" to make sure we have the right connections for our Ipod. he asked us to make sure that the songs are in order and on the day of the wedding to explain it again to him.... 3:00 was the ceremony. it lasted 15 mins. after the ceremony We have our first dance... while we were talking picture we had an open bar for a hour. ( we had the Royalty package which the open bar was included) 7:00 dinner at the tapas a la carte... it was an amazing dinner. we had a green salad, Gazpacho soup, Roasted Chicken & Ice Cream for dessert. and of course our wedding cake. tons of food. if you decide on this ala carte and wish to make speeches.... remember that there is flamenco dancers/ show and this takes 30 mins out of your dinner .... after the dinner we all gathered in the main lobby bar until they closed the bar around 11pm... all in all i was very pleased with everything that went on with the day and how it unfolded. I only wish I we would of ate at another al a carte, and made it at 730 or 8pm... a couple of you asked about US/ Pesos.... we brought 100. US $1.00... & 1000. Mexican pesos in 20's & 50's for tips.. anything else we just used our Visa & MasterCard... We didn't know until we checked out... They do not except travelers cheques if you want to pay for the wedding fees.... only Visa or cash.... I know I'm forgetting something... To all the soon to be brides.... GOOD LUCK. they day goes by really fast so enjoy as much as you can....
  2. Hi April2011Bride, Im from Alberta too...(Grande Prairie) We were contacted by Sabrina Lopez from beautyweddingscancun, our wedding coordinator from the resort contacted her....Sabrina sets up our wedding date with the Judge & schedules our blood tests: This is a copy of my email I received…. Requirements: please read carefully. You only have to follow these easy steps! 1- Couple and the 4 witnesses, need to be at the hotel with 4 working days in advance, weekends are not taken as labor days for City Hall. In case you don't have the 4 witnesses, the hotel can provide them for an extra cost of US 10/each. This cost must to be paid in cash the day of our meeting at the hotel. 2- Couple and the 4 witnesses, need to bring copy & original passports, at our meeting. 3- Couple and the 4 witnesses, need to present the tourist cards you will receive at the airport, at our meeting. You must fill out this form with exactly the same name as in your passport. 4- The service include: legal assistance via email, legal documentation at the hotel, blood test, Apostillate Certificate (legalization of marriage certificate), and sending the Apostillate certificate to your home by private courier. The legalization of the marriage certificate "Apostillate" allows you to have a legal marriage in your country and this proceed will take about 3 months. The Apostillate Certificate proceed will take about 3 months. The Apostillate Certificate IT IS NOT A TRANSLATION of your marriage certificate. It is a legalization that the Central City Hall adds on your marriage certificate that allows you to having a legal marriage in your country. COST__US 320 DOLLARS This amount has to be paid in cash at the moment of our meeting at the hotel. 5- Before the wedding, you will need to cover the expenses of the expenses of the judge and the cost of US 50 DOLLARS IN CASH. Hope this helps......
  3. For some reason my first reply didn't work...... lol!! Anyway, I just got off the phome with my travel agent, for anyone that is booked on the Riviera Platium side, you will be relocated to another section on the resort, which they said will be closer to the front of the Resort, with all the amenities as if you were still in the actual "Platium Suite".... but the only diffrence is that your not on the beach.... Hope this helps ease some minds.... It helped mine...
  4. For some reason my first post didn't work...lol!! Anyways,I just got off the phone with my travel agent, for anyone that is booked on the Riviera Platinum side, you will be relocated to another section on the resort, will all the amenities as if you were still in the actual "Platinum Suites"... but the only difference is that your not on the beach... Hope this helps ease some minds.... it helped mine..
  5. Quote:Originally Posted by lea_rai Hi Misshh and all my fellow Mexico brides, Thanks for all the information! I'm getting married at GRP in April and having our reception at Mamma Mia as well. Just wondering if you could PM me some pics of the restaurant. When I 'google' it there seems to be 2 different pictures that come up. They don't look very similar so it's hard to believe that they are the same restaurant. Of course, I can't seem to get any answers from our WC, Alejandra. I emailed her on Jan 5th and still have not heard back from her. SO FRUSTRATING!! My guess is that you stayed on the 'Sunset' side in Platinum... Did you happen to notice how the construction on the 'Riviera' side is coming along? Many of our guests are booked in Platinum suites as well and I've heard that the pools are closed in that area along with the Platinum Lounge, of course. I'm waiting to hear back from my travel provider to see what the status will be by the time we arrive as I don't feel it's fair that we've been charged the full amount for these rooms if all the amenities are not available. My email address is lraible@hotmail.com. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated! I wish you all the best!! Leanne.
  6. I was contacted by my travel agent today, she said that they are waiting for the full report on the explosion before they get too concern with moving us to another resort. But said she understands if we want to move to another resort, she will do what ever it takes to do so....We are getting married on March 3rd,11. and 90% of our guests are staying in the Platinum Suites, where the explosion took place. I know that area of the resort will still be roped off buy the time we get there. I stayed at this resort when it first opened, and yes you could smell the swamp then too.
  7. Thanks for the great review... Sorry its taken me so long to find it... I'm getting married on March 3rd, 11 and i have a couple questions about the ceremony.... So you got the Beach reception, and it was worth it? I was thinking the same thing, that it its a bit pricey for us, since we have 60 people coming.... You said the DJ was included? and how long did he play for? did he bring any props? how was the dance floor, or was there one? If that's all included it might be good to spend $85 a person.. You said something about you didn't need to carry your own plate of food to the table, there was someone there to do that for you.. Which meal did you pick?? I was sent a bunch of menus. they all look great, I'm just not sure which one to pick. was the champagne included or was there an extra cost.. How were your flowers? Were they what you had expected? what was the cost for your bridesmaids & Groomsmen? I'm wondering if your able to go into town and find a florist that would be cheaper? Well I'm sorry to ramble on but i don't want to get there and everything that I'm expecting doesn't happen.... I hate surprises... Thanks In advance for the response..
  8. Hi Dreamwedding1 I would love to see your pictures, I'm getting married on March 3rd, I'm very nervous. I want everything to turn out perfect. Thanks in advance...
  9. I too am getting married in March, 2011 at the Princess... I have everything booked so far but I would love to get my own florist. the prices at the Princess are crazy.
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