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Got my "Knockoff" dress and I LOVE it

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Hi Everyone,


I got my dress today and I absolutely love it. I orginally wanted the Winnie Couture "Breeleigh" style dress - link below. (sorry - don't know how to imbed pics yet and I'm too excited to figure it out right now).


Winnie Couture Destination Wedding Dresses - Wedding Dress Style Breeleigh | Brides.com


The price on the dress, even with the trunk show discount was over $1300. So, in my normal practical fashion thought I would try to find it cheaper on the internet. In my search, I found the following website which didn't have the particular WC dress I wanted, but had her other lines for DIRT CHEAP. I emailed them asking if they could make mine and they said sure. I sent the pics, and asked a TON of questions (she was very responsive too). In short, the site is for a place in China that is the manufacturer for a number of lines (she couldn't tell me which ones) and even if they aren't the manufacturer, she said the gown like mine is usually 95% - 98% similar to the original. If it's an all lace gown, those can vary more. So, I thought the savings were worth it and I sent my measurements (which were a little forgiving - lol) and ordered it. The dress was - get ready for this - $289 (including shipping). I later also added a veil for $20.


I compared the dress and I think the beading is a little bit different (not as silver) but since I saved myself $1000 and it has the scallop edging which I fell in love with, I absolutely love it. Since my measurements were a little forgiving, I think I need to have it taken in a little as well (I was just scared it would be too tight). In addition, instead of the 6 months they quoted me at the bridal salon, this place quoted 2 - 3 wks to make it. It took about 5 weeks to get to me (I was starting to worry too). Oh, they also copied the flower pattern from the dress in the veil (which I didn't expect). The veil doesn't come with a comb or barrett so I will need to add that - not a big deal.


Overall, it beat my expectations and I am ecstatic right now.


Here are the pics of the dress I got (sorry so crappy but I didn't have anyone to take them)



Here is the website that I ordered from.

Wedding Dresses,Evening Dresses,Bridesmaid Dresses--ShopOfWedding.COM

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That's awesome! I saw those dressmakers online too but I was too scared to order. Glad it worked out for you!





Here's the embedded pic from your shutterfly so everybody can see the dress:


Click the image to open in full size.

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I forgot to also mention that the dress came with an elastic from each sideseam that clipped in the back to help keep it up. The original I tried on didn't have it and I think that was a great idea to add. I don't think I'll keep tuggoning on it to keep it up (common with a strapless dress).

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