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Instrumental Versions & Sheet Music

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I found this site Listen to Wedding Music. Wedding Song Samples. Wedding Day Music-All Parts of Ceremony and will probably download the sheet music for my grandma to play at my wedding, but I love that you can buy CD's or just download it since so many of you are thinking of using your ipods...but with the sheet music if you hire someone and want a specific song its nice to make sure they get the right thing.

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I swear. . .I'm always a step behind all you girls!! I was thinking that I wanted to post a link to a CD that really helped me when picking out music for my wedding. . .I log back in and you girls have a music thread already started! rockon.gif


Anyway, I ordered this cd from the Knot and really liked it. It's got tons of great songs on it...mostly traditional/classical types and they're catagorized to help give you ideas of what part of the ceremony they might be good for. I found it really helpful. I had a violinist and pianist play at my ceremony and this really helped when I wanted to request a certain song and they weren't very familiar with it.


Also, my step-sister's half sister (whew!) used this at her wedding a couple months ago as her prelude and ceremony music. . .she liked it a lot as well. It turned out to be a great buy for me!



Buy Wedding The Knot Collection of Wedding and Ceremony Music - Wedding The Knot Collection of Wedding and Ceremony Music Online - Discount Wedding The Knot Collection of Wedding and Ceremony Music

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These are good finds. Has anyone found other instrumental collections to use for their weddings? I'm specifically looking for accoustic guitar or something with a beachy or tropical feel to it? I found a cd called the Calypso Collection on Itunes but don't know if that is what I want. I just want something to play when my guests arrive.

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