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Post Your Gifts For Your Wedding Party Here!

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#371 Candace Mark

Candace Mark
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    Posted 17 March 2013 - 10:19 PM



    For the groomsmen we got them:


    The ties, sunglasses and a private deep sea fishing trip and a welcome bag with:




    A Custom acrylic cup and straw with their name on it

    and a bunch of other little goodies 


    For the Bridesmaids, Matron of Honour:


    Special Welcome Bag


    Barefoot Sandals

    Bridesmaid/Matron of Honour tank tops

    Personalized Hanger

    Wrist clutches

    Pearl Earrings and Necklace

    Custom made monogram flower ties so they can tell there bouquets apart

    We are paying for their hair to get done

    A Custom acrylic cup and straw with their name on it

    Body Shop products

    My Mom made custom spa wraps

    Flip Flops


    Flower Girls:


    We paid for there custom tutu dresses

    Barefoot sandals

    Head bands


    two t-shits 

    Custom flower girl baskets

    Pearl jewelry

    Special kids welcome bags with lots of beach stuff.


    Flip flops



    Wring Bearer:







    Flip flops

    special kids welcome bags with lots of beach stuff


    Pictures to come :-)

    #372 EVKnowsitall

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      Posted 18 March 2013 - 12:10 PM

      I looooove your OOT bags! You are nice to purchase their dresses- I couldn't they chose expensive dresses and it wasn't in our budget- but its definitely a winning gesture. I adore the tank tops. Where did you get them- I'd like them for my bachelorette party. They are adorable. You spoiled your girls!

      Originally Posted by sxcT 

      For starters I purchased the girls dresses


      And they each got special OOT bags with lots of cute stuff in them




      I bedazzled the straps on the wristlets and purchased the pin for each one of them.  Also bought them a bracelet to wear the day of the wedding.


      Then I made them tank tops and flip flops to wear on the plane and throughout the week



      (the second pair weren't done when this pic was taken)

      Here they are enjoying them at the reception




      The groomsmen got a personalized knife and the best man got a very nice personalized clock/pen holder for his desk and a personalized business card holder (both from Things Remembered).  All guys got their pants and ties purchased for them.


      Oh and all the young male guests received Team Groom shirts with their nicknames on the back



      I think that is it...  :)

      Happily married to the love of my life- since July 5, 2013

      #373 MRSPWILSON

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        Posted 24 March 2013 - 03:41 PM

        I got my girls a personalized mini duffle from theknot.com.  Inside I have toiletry bag, a travel jewelry case that will house their wedding jewelry, a double wall tumbler, a pair of flip flops, and a beach towel.  I have gone a little overboard and I'm still buying! :-)

        #374 Peach

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          Posted 25 March 2013 - 05:51 PM

          Everyone below (except us) are also getting OOT bags. with a bubba keg, mini "in sickness and in health" kit, some vistaprint items, postcards, handmade bookmarks, passport-style welcome books (still need to be done though), and a mini flip camera (the big item!)


          Well, I am just going through all the gifts so far, since it is starting to wind down now, so I thought I would post what we have got. 






          I have two brothers, both of whom are coming with us. They are getting these in their OOT bags, along with all the other OOT items. I want to put something extra in there too, since they are helping with the wedding and AHR; my one brother is recording himself playing the guitar for my walk down the aisle, and my other brother is being the emcee at our AHR (and maybe DW too..) So this is the one I do not know about yet.



          The moms and my bridesmaid/maid of honour are getting some similar items. Each couple is also getting an OOT bag; this is in addition.



            My future mother-in-law's. She is also getting a tank top identical in colour to the bridesmaid and maid of honour ones, but with her title "mother of the groom" on it instead. 

          Here are the items:

          - photo bookmark (purchased from Michael's dollar bin last summer during clearance sale, so I think it was about 40 cents.)

          - nail file with sea shells (also Michaels during clearance)

          - SPF 30 lip balm (sale at Shoppers Drug Mart)

          - organic flavoured lip balm (etsy - the moms and girls are each getting a different flavour - things like margarita and rum punch :) )

          - bath confetti (michaels clearance)

          - pen (with beach motif - also michaels clearance)

          - coconut body lotion (travel size - walmart)

          - vistaprint personalized pen

          - pashmina (ardene's)

          - vistaprint keychain

          - flip flop keychain (I am known for my ridiculous flip flop collection - they were a bag of I think 8 for $1)

          - starfish bottle opener (a bride on here sold me these! Love them!)

          - travel crib board (my future mother in law, her parents, and my future husband have crib games almost daily when they visit for long periods of time.I had to include this one! From the dollar store. )

          - wristlet (I love these - from etsy)

          - barefoot sandals (made by me)

          - personalized bracelet (also etsy -my mom, bm and moh are getting these too... oh and I of course had to have one for me too!)

          * Not pictured: I wanted to give something extra to my FABULOUS FMIL. We have always given each other pieces of jewellery from every time we have gone on vacation separately. So I found her a pretty moon stone necklace that I want to give to her separately. She is one of the most awesome people, and I really want to say thank you for including me in her family right from the get-go, no questions asked, no pressure. She is super welcoming. But I do not want to make my own mom feel bad by giving it in front of her, so I am keeping it separate to give it to her privately, or maybe for FI to give to her for me, like the night before or something. Anyway.....



            This one is for my mom. Mostly the same; here are the differences:

          - vistaprint bag

          - not pictured: My mom's "Mother of the Bride" tank top, in sparkly letters like mine





            This one is for my bridesmaid, who actually is not even coming to the wedding. I am still wanting to give this to her though - she is the one who is actually planning my shower and stagette, and she will be at my AHR. She just had a baby in January and our resort is switching to adults-only before we get there, so I know she would be there if she could.

          This one is a little different:

          - flip flops (old navy)

          - bikini bag (walmart)

          - picture frame (dollar store - I am going to put a picture of us together either from the stagette or shower before she gets this)

          - Small candle

          - personal compact mirror (Michaels clearance dollar bin)

          - little notepad

          - flower-shaped lip balm (just because it was cute... I think also Michaels)

          - foot scrub brush and file (um no idea, but I am going to guess Michaels)

          - tropical flower nail file


          Maid of Honour:



            This one is for my younger sister, and maid of honour. She is not getting a separate OOT bag, so those items are included in here too. Also:

          - vistaprint t-shirt with map of resort on it (FFIL made this)

          - travel nail file set

          - bridesmaid kit (from Michaels - it has stuff like double-sided tape in it)

          * I also got her a special maid-of-honour gift; a strand of pearls with pearl stud earrings. I will probably give these to her separately, on the morning of.


          We also bought the bridemaid dresses, and I made mini seashell hair clips too, but I do not have a picture of those. We offered to pay for hair for the moms and my sister, but they all declined, since they want to do their own.




          Each is getting one of these:



          And I want to find something else for them too... probably similar to whatever I get my brothers.


          Best Man:


          FI is only having a best man. We got him (and the dads) this shirt, since FI frequently drinks daquiris for breakfast at all inclusive resorts:



          From vistaprint. I am debating getting my brothers them too, but then only two guys along will NOT have one... so maybe all guys get one? I dunno.


          We also bought the best man his shirt (Old Navy linen, to match FI; but we asked the best man to wear khaki coloured pants)


          FI wants to get him an engraved beer stein, since they enjoy drinking and gaming nights frequently. He says he is just waiting to figure out what to engrave... I am not sure why that is hard...


          It will be similar to this one:


          CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 86


          Everyone is also getting a personalized card I made (I made the envelopes too!).


          GROOM GIFT:



            I got this from etsy. It actually has two coordinates on it; the top is our wedding location, the other is the location of where we were in Mexico when he proposed.


          I also got him a personalized hanky (just plain white men's one with our date on it - I got a matching lace one). Also etsy.


          And I made a BD book for him. He bought me the package, so he knows I had pics done. but he doesn't know about the book. I just did that through mixbook.



          MY gift:

          I happen to know what I am getting. He bought me the bracelets I will be wearing.  He knew I was looking for jewellery and he did not want me to buy the same ones on my own, so he showed me the ones he got. They are super sparkly.

          He also is getting me fancy new sunglasses for the trip... kind of an upgrade from my dollar store ones. :)


          WHEW. I think that is it.

          #375 kfritz

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            Posted 26 March 2013 - 07:29 PM

            Great ideas!

            #376 mormac01

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              Posted 20 April 2013 - 11:47 AM

              Amzing Ideas, Thank you

              #377 LaLa1116

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                Posted 21 April 2013 - 03:55 PM

                There are such great ideas on here!  So far we've bought...


                Bridesmaids: (My 3 sisters are my bridesmaids so decided to have no MOH to keep it fair )

                Earrings from Etsy seller BellaAnela for wedding

                Peach Coral Aqua Chalcedony Earrings, Gold Filled Oval Hoops, Peach Mint Earrings


                Robes from Love Ophelia for getting ready (mint green -our colors or mint and coral)

                Hour Long Massage at Las Caletas day of wedding



                Engraved Flask/cigar holder combo from Etsy seller Tiposcreations we are having a cigar roller at wedding, so thought this was a neat idea)

                Cigar Case and Flask Combo- Engraved-Personalized-Groomsmen Gift - Retirement - Birthday for Men - (154)

                FI is still deciding on others gift for groomsmen.


                Ring Bearer & Flower girl (my niece, 2 and nephew, 4): We got them both very cute books about being a flower girl and ring bearer. Ordered on Amazon.

                Niece- build-a-bear with flower girl accessories (she loves "babies" ) .  We recorded a special message for her and every time she pushes her paw, she will hear the message.

                Nephew - still deciding on this...he likes something new every five minutes, so going to wait until closer to the wedding to see what he's "into." haha


                Parents: totally lost on this one.  Want something very special and everything I find online seems so clich© and lame.  My Mom and MIL are getting massages with my girls and I on our wedding day, but we aren't counting that as a gift.  Will post on here again if I come up with something fabulous to share with you guys. 


                I'm also getting Boudoir photos done as a pre-wedding night gift for my fianc©.


                Good luck, ladies!

                #378 jenn4285

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                  Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:01 AM

                  These are all such great ideas!

                  #379 jenn4285

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                    Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:06 AM

                    Such great ideas!

                    #380 Liann03

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                      Posted 12 June 2013 - 08:38 AM

                      For our Groomsmen, my FI chose to get them personalized money clips.

                      My fianc© did the same....it doubles as a watch/money clip?.. He found a really cool one that resembles a movado watch! It will also have their initials engraved on it!

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