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Post Your Gifts For Your Wedding Party Here!

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My fiancé did the same....it doubles as a watch/money clip?.. He found a really cool one that resembles a movado watch! It will also have their initials engraved on it!


That's a great idea, where did you guys find the watch/money clip?

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Originally Posted by elissae View Post


We do not have a large wedding party.  My mother is my Matron of Honor and my future step-son is the Best Man.  My Dad passed nearly 19 years ago, so my brother will be giving me away.  Here are the gifts we got for them and some other important people:



For my Mom, my MOH:


A personalized handkerchief - I ordered on Etsy (Embroidery By Lina)




Alex and Ani "Charity By Design" Butterfly Expandable Wire Bracelet in Russian Gold - we love butterflies (a sign of my Dad)





For my stepson, the Best Man (he is almost 17) - he can keep this on top of his dresser to hold his things:



For my brother who is giving me away - a monogrammed business card holder (he just accepted a big new job offer!):





For my BFF who helped me with so many of my DIY projects & was just a great sounding board for the past year & a half - she is also giving a speech/toast to us:


Alex and Ani "Charity By Design" Best Friends Bangle Bracelet, set of 2 in Russian Gold (one for me & one for her!)




For our Civil Ceremony Witnesses - we needed 4 witnesses - so we have 2 couples (good friends) who are our "official Mexico witnesses.") - We got them Gift Cards to their favorite restaurants in town.


Last, but certainly NOT LEAST - for my FI...


Sterling Blue Nautical Compass Cuffllinks - with an engravable whale back closure - I engraved our wedding date.  Very significant since we are boaters, Big "water" people, with a nautical themed wedding - he is going to LOVE THEM!











Beautiful gifts! those bracelets look great!

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    • Congratulations to Wedding Planners and Families of Bride and Groom. Cheapfaremart, an Orlando based Online Travel Agency offers Cheap Group Flights for Wedding Group also.
    • Thanks! I would love to get quotes from a TA but as I said I have a hard time finding a specialized one in Canada. I hope someone can point me to the right direction. 
    • The use of TA is instrumental in booking a destination wedding for several reasons: Namely, TAs have special rates and promos they can offer you, including perks of complimentary rooms and upgrades. Wright Travel actually has a Bride & Groom Fly Free Promo, which gives couples up to $1,000 cash back. These are perks you can take advantage of by working with a TA. Also, most agencies also do not charge any service fee, so you are essentially having the expertise and convenience of a travel agent without paying a dime. Experienced agents will also have valuable insight into the best property to host your wedding, and if they are familiar with your resort, they can also offer you and your guests tips on how to make your stay even better. Good TAs will also have close connections wiht the wedding department, essentially benefiting you throughout the planning process. Securing a room block is also important to ensure your resort does not run out of rooms and also to secure a group rate. Lastly, having a travel agent handle you and your guests travel plans is vital so that you don't have to deal with it. Anything can happen when it comes to travel and if you don't have an agent, your guests will turn to you for help. As a former destination wedding bride, I did not work with a TA and I regretted it. Having to answer a million questions from guests on where to stay, where to book, where to go, drove me nuts. When it comes down to the final stretch of the wedding, it was the last thing I wanted to do when I already had a million things on my plate wedding wise.  Here's a more in depth article regarding the benefits of using a TA.  https://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/wedding-tips/c/planning/10-reasons-why-you-should-use-wright-travel-agency-for-your-destination-wedding-r2439/  
    • We actually did our legal wedding at home -- a quick and easy ceremony at the local courthouse about a week before our destination wedding. Afterwards, we just went to lunch and shared a few celebratory cocktails 😊We did this so we didn't have to deal with the legal requirements (arriving early, blood test, etc.) you must abide by in Mexico. For us it worked out perfectly and our ceremony in Mexico was our official wedding with all our family and friends. 
    • Hi there, So I read a lot of you recommended to go through a TA rather than booking things yourself so I tried to reach out but haven't really been successful. I wrote to Wright Travel not realizing that they were only serving the US. So all I really need is actually the booking of the hotel and the wedding arrangements. Most of our guests will stay at that hotel but I know some of them will probably look for other options. Our guests will arrange their own flights as they are coming from different countries (Canada and Europe) and I don't see group flights coming together as they will all stay different length of time. So my questions are, why exactly would I need a travel agency to book the hotel and the wedding? I worked in event management for years and have organised events way bigger than that and could probably organise it myself. If we decide to go with a TA, does anyone have any recommendation for a Canadian TA? Thanks all! 
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