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  1. Very true, however I doubt we would hold two men in a Canadian prison for 3 months while we investigate a fight they had nothing to do with. It is sad that this happened right on resort as well. I am suggesting new brides that are looking for venues do not use the DR (if possible) as away to show the DR that we stand as one and we will hit them were it hurts...there pocket books. Tourism is a huge industry for this country. There are many other great locations that offer the same result. I posted this so that other brides would know whats happening and make a sound decision if they are still looking for a wedding location. This would show a tremendous amount of support to a man who did nothing wrong other then protect his new wife from harm.
  2. They weren't in a fight they were in the buffet line after the wedding. The bride got knocked down and the new husband was pulling the men off of her. He is being detained in a DR prison for assisting his wife. I am not saying not to go because of this. I full understand what goes on in different countries and I am very well traveled. I am suggesting you do not use the DR as away to show the DR that we stand as one and we will hit them were it hurts...there pocket books. There are men other great locations that offer the same result. I didn't post it to start a debate. I posted this so that other brides would know whats happening and make a sound decisions and show support of this man who did nothing wrong other then protect his new wife from harm. I know my new husband would not stand by and watch two guys have a punching and kicking match on top of me.
  3. I would seriously re think your local. Look at this recent article about a Canadian couple that was married at this resort in the DR. could happen to anyone. Crazy!! http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  4. I would seriously think twice about your wedding location ladies. I just read this crazy news article about a Canadian couple's dream wedding turning into a nightmare from hell. Her husband and cousin are being held for three months in jail in the DR. Read this article. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  5. I would think seriously about changing my wedding location after reading this news article about a Canadian couple who's wedding at this resort turned into a nightmare for the whole family. This is crazy!! http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  6. I would think about choosing a whole different venue after reading this true story that only just took place. Its crazy!! http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  7. Read this story before yo decide to have your wedding in the DR. This could happen to anyone of us. Help show support of this couple and choose another destination. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  8. I would be very scared to get married in the DR right now. Look at this story. It is crazy!! http://www.thespec.com/news-story/3255411-from-wedding-bells-to-dominican-jail-nightmare/
  9. Hi, For the groomsmen we got them: The ties, sunglasses and a private deep sea fishing trip and a welcome bag with: T-shirt Towel A Custom acrylic cup and straw with their name on it and a bunch of other little goodies For the Bridesmaids, Matron of Honour: Special Welcome Bag Sunglasses Barefoot Sandals Bridesmaid/Matron of Honour tank tops Personalized Hanger Wrist clutches Pearl Earrings and Necklace Custom made monogram flower ties so they can tell there bouquets apart We are paying for their hair to get done A Custom acrylic cup and straw with their name on it Body Shop products My Mom made custom spa wraps Flip Flops Flower Girls: We paid for there custom tutu dresses Barefoot sandals Head bands Hangers two t-shits Custom flower girl baskets Pearl jewelry Special kids welcome bags with lots of beach stuff. Sunglasses Flip flops Wring Bearer: Outfits Hats Ties T-shirts Sunglasses Flip flops special kids welcome bags with lots of beach stuff Pictures to come :-)
  10. Hi Everyone :-) So we booked a wedding with Sandals Negril and Beaches Sandy Bay back in February. Since booking we have experienced a huge Lack of service and follow up. I work in the industry and I honestly can not believe the experience we are having. At this point it is a bit late for us to change resorts but we can't say at this time that we would recommend Sandals. If you have a problem it takes months to solve and getting through to anyone that can make a decisions is very very time consuming. If your looking for a hassle free planning experience I would keep on looking. I will post an update after the wedding....I hope its allot better then this one.
  11. I hope your Honeymoon goes better then my wedding planning.....Its been horrible so far :-(
  12. Congratulations! I am so happy that you had an amazing experience. I would love to see pictures. Would you mind messaging them to me? I can not wait to hear more. How did you find the Wedding Planners before you arrived? Did you by chance sign a rooms contract? Sorry for all the questions. It is just amazing to have someone that's been there. We are thinking about doing the beach wedding and then have the private reception and dinner. Did you do the reception on the beach as well? We would like to have a steel drum band for the reception and the DJ for after dinner. How did you find the food and cake? Thank you so much for writing back to me
  13. Wow, Congratulations on your new home! That is so exciting. I am originally from Ontario as well. I think I am going to look into a travel agent. Sounds like yours is amazing and just what we need. Our planner is not our on resort planner. I think we have two. It is all very confusing and we go around in circles with her as well. I am so excited though. We are definitely trying to get the big things out of the way as well. I am going home (Ontario) in August to pick out my dress with my Mom and MOH. I am so excited and have been buying magazines like crazy. I thought about doing my own Save the Dates and Invitations to save on cost but I found Rebecca! She is just amazing and so worth the little extra we had to add to our budget. She owns Allurements by Rebecca and has been just amazing. So easy to work with. In fact one of the girls at work that just got engaged is going to use her for her monogram and invites. Her wedding is in Mumbi, so, quite the destination. As much as I stress I am also enjoying it to the max. Taking it one step at a time is amazing advice and your so right about us having a bit of time! Its so nice having someone doing and going through the same thing to bounce things off of.
  14. You so right about the ups and downs. We are having problems with our wedding planner. As the resort provided a wedding planner we decided to booked everything ourselves and now I am wishing for a travel agent. However things are coming along :-) I helped design out monogram, we picked our colours/ theme etc.. our Save the Dates are being shipped and the wedding website is almost finished...so it is starting to coming together. We just did not realize how much goes into a wedding and we both thought a desitnation wedding would be a lot simpler. Now I understand why the Dad went crazy in Father of the Bride. But we are still just under a year away so lots of time. Have you gotten far with your plans? Made any major decisions?
  15. Wow such great ideas. Has anyone thought about using Flickr ? Its seems really simple. I was thinking about making a wedding account and handing out the password as suggested above. Then changing the password after a couple of months. Has everyone been happy with there experience with Shutterfly? I am also from Canada and I think Shutterfly may be a US company Any suggestions would be great!
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