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Post Your Gifts For Your Wedding Party Here!

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Wow, this thread is great! I just got so many ideas - and I'm so glad I've found this Smarty Pants Boutique. I'm going to spend a lot of time going through everything they have to offer, I can see that now!

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I have my MOH, 5 bridesmaids, and my little sister.

I'm getting them all Tiffany's necklaces with their initials. It's a long story but it goes with the engagement and how my finance had to trick me with a Tiffany necklace to throw me off the ring.

Wish I would have thought about the price before I picked 7 bridesmaids :-/ haha

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Megan-thanks for posting those spa wraps from etsy! I had seen the ones on smarty pants but wasnt really feeling them for my girls, but those etsy ones I love! Thanks :)

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FI and i are paying for our 3 GM, MOH and 2 BM entire vacation so we are just getting them a few little things. FI got the guys personalized flasks and cufflinks on The Knot when they had one of their huge sales... 80% off everything I believe.


For the girls I knew one of the things I wanted was starfish necklaces. I found them on the Kohls website for more than 50%. Just got them in the mail yesterday and they are perfect! Not too huge, very simple and elegant:

apt. 9 Sterling Silver Starfish Pendant

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I just purchased our GM's gifts today. I will post pics tonight when I get home, but we purchased the "Reef Fanning" bottle opener flip flops in black, and pairs in brown w/plaid - they're cool. We also purchased a deep sea fishing excursion for them, cigars, and cigar holder and cutter!

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Forgot to mention BM's gifts, I will post pics next week when I receive the bags, but here is the list:


For Each Girl:

Huge Oversized Beach Bags (Bamboo) from Ebay

A bottle of Island Perfume from Michael Kors

Swimsuit Terry Cloth Dress from OP


Picture of us (me & each girl) framed

All things for OOT bag, which will go in their beach bag

Earrings and Necklace for Ceremony

Pink Leather Flask Engraved

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Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
We haven't decided on gm gifts yet, we each only have 2 attendants. We did buy all of the gm attire and bm dresses.

For the bms, I bought big straw beach bags that I'm filling with the following:
-flip flops
-barefoot sandals
- bathing suit coverup
- palm tree photo frame
- People crossword puzzle book
- sunblock
- silver starfish necklaces
- i'm having my mom make the wedding jewelery and will also put in the bags
- pjs
- passport covers
- team bride tanks from customized girl
- travel kit that has mirror, tweezers, nail cutters
- makeup bag that i'm going to fill with travel size toiletries

And i think that's it for them.

For the RB we bought his outfit also and 2 other shirts for him to wear when we are away (we dont' have a fg):
- personalized toiletry bag
- ringbearer tshirt
- a couple of books
- sand bucket and sand toys
- baby sunblock
- bathing suit and surf shirt
- mickey mouse passport cover (thanks to Tammi)
Where did you get your passport covers? I have been looking everywhere!

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So far, I odered canvas totes from Old Navy that have blue straps (my wedding colors) which I am going to fill with gifts. I got all the girls flip flops and rhinestone starfish necklaces. I am also going to buy them earrings and am contemplating those towel wraps. Hopefully, I will be able to find passport covers and found these really cute round luggage tags with their initials on them. I was thinking that I might get them all a bathing suit and cover up as well in less I can think of one big thing.

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