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Karisma Resorts and Claudia Rodrigez....I'm confused!!

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First off..I put this thread in this catagory because it said photos..so I'm sorry if I have this is the wrong area...and mods feel free to move this if you need to.


Ok so I am really confused!! Today I spoke with the wc that I am working with from the Azul Fives (Karisma resorts) and I was told that Claudia Rodrigez is on the preferred list of vendors for all of the Karisma resorts, which would wave the $500 outside vendor fee if she were to be our photographer.

I was super excited about saving the extra $500.elefant.gif

Well today I received an email back from Claudia that said this..."we do have an agreement with Karisma resort to work on their properties BUT the rates to work there are a little different from the ones we apply in other resorts".


I am so bummed and confused! My FI and I already thought it was streching our budget by paying the $3,350 for 8 hours. But I was totally willing to pay that because I love Claudia Rodrigez's work!!! So now I am quoted $4,235 for 8 hours..that's almost $900 moresmile27.gif!! I'm sure this has been an issue before with other brides! I'm just curious if anyone here knows why they charge more for Karisma resorts?? I'm so sad!!!

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I don't know if this helps or not, but the pricing I received from them was also $4235 for 8 hours.



8 hour Photo Coverage*

400 digital images in High Resolution on Cdâ€s

gift of 250 printed 4x6 pictures

gift of 25 printed photos 5x7

gift of 10 printed photos 8x10


Online Slide Show NEW!

Cost 4,235.00us


When I was quoted it wasn't specified whether it was a special rate for Karisma.

Maybe someone who has had a recent quote for another resort can also chime in.

$900 is a ton of money....I hate my resort sometimes!smile27.gif


Good luck!

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Wow, $900 is a lot...


You'd think because you were a preferred bride...by hosting your wedding with that preferred hotel...using that preferred photography, you'd surely get some kind of PREFERRED freakin rate!


I'd have expected them to charge you less, not more.


Hopefully someone can help out!

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I have no idea why the rate is higher but I am guessing that Karisma is charging Claudia Rodriguez a fee to shoot there. They may be "saving" brides money but really the photographer has to pay it which means they are going to change their rates to accommodate that resort. This is just a guess.


I'm sorry that you have to deal with Karisma and their constantly changing vendor rules and regulations. Frustrating!

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karisma is well known for their outside vendor fees and policies.


I'm almost positive the reason claudias rates are different for Karisma resorts is because they are charging her to be a vendor there, so in turn, she has to pass this cost on to her clients.

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OK so *UPDATE* I am beyond frustratedBangHead.gif... Karisma has specific rules for bringing in outside photographers that are NOT Mexican citizens..here they are:

• Non Mexican Citizen: Mexican working visa, FM2 or FM3, RFC, also a 3 nights hotel stay for vendor or $500.00 US outside vendor charge...

SO now what?!!


Does anyone know what FM3,RFC, or FM2 mean..or how to go about getting a Mexican working visa (sounds difficult to me)huh.gif?



Thanks girls!

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Originally Posted by kacie3344 View Post
Have you looked at other "Karisma friendly" photographers and their packages? It might give you a good idea of how all of the prices compare.
I spoke with my WC and they gave me two different options for vendors..one I wasn't impressed with AT ALL and the other is booked for my day...just my luck sad.gif
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