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Nutritional Cleanse - added bonus - lose weight!?


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Hello all!


It has been a while since I was last on this website. Since my wedding is overseas in 2009, I've been spending much of my computer time searching out forums in the UK to research venues, suppliers etc...


Anyway, it seems like no matter what wedding webiste/forum you go onto, there is one thing so many of us have in common! Most of us want to lose weight for our big day. I'm desperate to lose 50-60 lbs. The thought of it is just so depressing. I haven't even gone dress shopping because I can't stand the thought of trying on dresses, and all the while thinking I need to lose weight. I know I won't enjoy the experience. frown.gif Some may say that I need to embrace my body the way it is and work with it. But I can't.


I've been on just about every diet out there. The last time I lost weight, I lost 60 lbs and looked awesome. Then I started cheating, and reverting back to my old ways. Something HAS to change.


I've found this nutritional cleanse program that I plan on ordering tomorrow (payday). Apparently there are two cleanses to choose from. A 9 day cleanse, and a 30 day cleanse. From the research that I've done, many people who do the 9 day cleanse feel better, less bloated, less constipated, and in the process lose approx 10 lbs. The 30 day program is longer term, and you can lose up to 45 lbs. NOW - I'm a bit of a skeptic... as an RN in Gastroenterology and General Surgery, I'm aware that detoxifying is good to an extent. From what I can tell, this is supposed to be nutritionally balanced, and not simply a bunch of laxatives.


When I receive the package I'll post again. Has anyone else out there done a cleanse, or thinking about doing a cleanse? Any info based on experience, or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.



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So is Nutritional Cleanse the name of the product? Maybe there are folks on here who have tried it and give you their firsthand experiences rather than what the company posts on their site.


I tend to be a skeptic of these quick weight loss products or something that makes you lose more than 2-5 lbs a week other than balanced diet and exercise.

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Hi Shellb,


Yes, the product is called isagenix. I'm a bit of a skeptic too. The purpose of a nutritional cleanse is pretty sound. I'm not at all skeptical about the benefits of detoxifying. I'm more skeptical about the supposed weight loss. When I asked a few of the gastroenterologists and surgeons I work with if cleansing is bad, they said no - depending on the cleanse. You want to make sure that it is stimulant free, and that you're not just using glorifed laxitives, because this could cause an electrolyte imbalance in some people. So then I decided to take a look at all of the ingredients of each product. My first rule of thumb for anything, is if the first 5-10 ingredients are chemicals, or things I can't pronounce- I'm out. But to be honest, they looked okay to me. I don't know. I hope to receive my order today or tomorrow. When I start it I'll post something here about my progress.

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OK.. so I received my shipment in the mail yesterday and have decided to start my cleanse today. I will have 2 shakes and a meal for the next two days. Then two days following that, I will cleanse - no solid food, other than some small snacks. Then after that I will have shakes and meals for a few days, and then finish up with 2 more cleanse days. I can't believe I've actually done this - I MUST be crazy - but I've actually made a video and posted it on YouTube. Now I HAVE to be successful! I guess I feel like by making my struggle/journey so public, I have to succeed.

Anyway, I had a shake this morning and it was really good! So we'll see what the next few days has in store for me!

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