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STRESSIN - too many decisions!

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Hey guys I am pretty new in here but heres some questions I had -


I really want to book at Dreams - the date I want is booked - May 23,2009. Still waiting to hear back from Yesica on another date. Dreams seems pretty popular....but is it TOO POPULAR? Or is it really as beautiful and great as everybody sayshuh.gif Its so hard to tell without having gone to see all these places. ONce we book a place, we plan to fly down in November to pick out and see and taste everything.


I am looking into Pueblo Bonito Rose SUnset Beach as well. Anybody heard anythign good/bad about the Pueblo resorts??


SOOOO many decisions.


I am thinking about using Juan Carlos Tapia - do you have to book waayyyy in advance for him? ( Our wedding hopefully will be in May 09 ) Any other good recomendations on photographers?


Also we are doing welcome bags and the whole nine yards - Did those of you who did them just pack them in a seperate suitcase and stuff them when you got there? Or did you ship everything to the resort?



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hi! i can't speak for cabo, but dreams pv was perfect for us. hopefully someone else will answer that question soon.

you can email juan carlos and ask him if he's booked already. i can't recommend my photographer enough - there's a link to our slideshow in my siggy. there are also lots of photogs on this forum.

we brought our stuff w/ us. we were afraid of it getting lost if we shipped it.

most of your questions have been answered - use the search button on the top right to look for specific answers.

good luck!

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I can't tell you much about the two resorts you picked. What I have heard is they are both wonderful. I guess you need to decide if you want an AI or not. I believe Pueblo's are not AI's. I could be wrong. Juan does woderful pics. I would book him as soon as you can. He does book up fast. as far as the welcome bags we are actually have a going away party the Saturday before we leave and giving them out them. People that are coming from out of town we are bringing with us to give to them.

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My parents have a time share at Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach and it is a great place to stay. I have the information for the wedding coordinator there if you would like me to send it to you please let me know. I can not tell you anything about Dreams, I have never stayed there. I also am not using Juan , I am using Mariano Lemus and he put together a special package for the wedding/ welcome dinner. Hope that this helps and let me know if you have any more questions about PB.



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Thanks angie for the info - I guess the only bad thing I hear about Pueblo Sunset is the whole hounding you for timeshares thing. Also I read you have to take golf carts everywhere becasue the property is very hilly? I did hear the sky pool is AWESOME.


So far Laura the WC has been very quick to respond and helpful. I am waiting to find out how much they are going to quote me for rooms. But looks like this is going to be the place!


I think we have decided Baja Cantina for welcome dinner, Mi Casa for Rehearsal dinner.


Photography I have been looking at Manuel Burgoin.


But I havent booked ANYTHING yet. NOt even our resort. Trying to get that wrapped up this week!

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I'm getting married at Dreams Cabo, and I booked pretty much everything (including Juan) over a year in advance. I don't think that you have to do it super far in advance though, I'm just crazy and a control freak, so I needed to know everything way way wayyyy in advance lol cheesy.gif goodluck with the planning!

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We are getting married at Dreams Los Cabos but we stayed at both resorts (incl. Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach) about two months ago. Both are beautiful properties, but my FI and I are very glad we went with Dreams. The resorts are just very different and have very different vibes to them so a lot will depend on what your guests would prefer... While the view and overall feel of Pueblo Bonita was breathtaking, we did have to take a golf cart everywhere at Pueblo Bonita, since the property is pretty spread out (even to get to the pool!!). It can get annoying after awhile waiting for the carts to arrive, so we usually ended up just walking. If your group is looking for a more inclusive feel, Dreams may be a better pick. The drink/food prices at Pueblo Bonita were pretty high. We paid at least $10/drink at Pueblo Bonita's pool bar, while at Dreams it was all included. Another thing we liked better about Dreams was that the staff was so much more warm and friendly! View-wise though, I think Pueblo Bonito SB was more stunning since it's got ocean cliff-side views.... either way, I don't think you can go wrong!

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Thanks so much for all the info!


We have decided on Pueblo Bonita Sunset Beach. The property just looks GORGEOUS, its more private and secluded which is what we wanted, and so far the wedding coordinator has been very responsive and helpful to all my questions upfront. ALso they have my date avaialable and only book one wedding a day so the focus is on ME wink.gif I love the gazebo on the beach and itis exactly what I was imagining!


I have heard you have to take golf carts everywhere....but I am hoping we can get rooms close to the pools.


NOw I've got to get started on everyrthing else Save the dates, Wedding dress, etc.


Can anyone direct me to ANYWHERE, where I can get some I ideas on how to word a destination wedding save the date? Do you include a bunch of info up front on the save the dates such as hotel pricing, things to do, alternative resorts to stay at? I mean I want to get my guests excited about booking their trip so I wan tto include some information!

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