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Beach themed lotion/gel sets - JCPenney

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Hey all! I just wanted to let you know that I have a Great find at your stores! They have a HUGE sale right now and on the gift sets I found a "beach" themed set of lotions, shower gels, bath fizz etc...


Buy one get one free, $12 a box, and there are 7 items in each box.

I know! Take pics- I am gonna work on that!


Each piece has a flip flop/ umbrella/ "beachey" themed pic with the name of the fruity scent on it. So cute!


I got 6 gift sets for $36 and will be good for 14 OOT bags, each bag getting a set of 3 items with the same theme. Good stuff goin on with the OOT bags for sure!

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I got my BM's earrings at JC Penney during one of their insane sales.


They were all a little different, but the same brand so the colors were the same ... and they matched the BM dresses perfect. I couldn't believe my luck and it added some uniqueness and individualism to their BM dresses. Everyone LOVED the earrings.


JC Penney has some unbelievable finds!

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