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NEWBIE and Stressed - Cabo 2009 wedding!

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He Ya'll! My name is Lauren and I am from Dallas, Texas. We are trying to plan a wedding in Cabo in May 2009. I have been researchign and researching. Dreams seems to be the popular pick - but is it TOO popular? They also dont have the EXACT date I want - which is May 23, 2009.


I have also looked at Melia Cabo Real - however revewies havent been that great.


Pueblo Bonita Sunset beach looks beautiful - waiting on information.


Marquis Los Cabos??


I am trying to find somethign that is very nice and still cost effective for my guests. Cost is not so much an issue on my part as far as spedning money on the entire wedding weekend. But I am only 26 and many of our friends are on budgets and we want everyone to be there!


I think we know for sure we want to have a welcome dinner at Mi Casa, Rehearsal Dinner at Ediths.


I was set on Dreams and have heard nothing but good things. Just seems to take awhile for the WC to respond. Although I know she is very busy.


Anywyas hoepfully we will find the perfect place and book soon!

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