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  1. My FMIL speaks very little English and I am looking for a Mother/son song that she can understand (She speaks Italian, specifically Calabrase). My FI keeps saying he will take care of it, but he is the biggest procrastinator. Any ideas?
  2. 2009 BRIDES: brittbrodin - Las Caletas - March 21, 2009 Mel&B- Playa Fiesta- May 1, 2009 klhutsell - Villa Celeste - May 16, 2009 JaimeLynne Mayan Palace May 24, 2009 Susanandmo Dreams Nuevo Vallarta May 24, 2009 Bca33 -Las Caletas June 6, 2009 tcuvicki- Presidente Intercontinental 9/26/09 jmiranda - Riu Vallarta - October 21, 2009 Jess - Dreams Puerto Vallarta - 11/28/09 MaryS-Mayan Palace - 11/28/09
  3. I have been poking around on that website for the last three hours! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Our tasting was only $15 each and that included tasting for our cocktail hour options, wedding dinner options, late night snack options cake, and cocktails
  5. tcuvicki

    Cocktail hour help!

    Here is my quote for my cocktail hour: Cocktail Hour: Appetizers: Ceviche mini tostada, Guacamole mini tostada, Salami mini pizza, Cheese mini pizza & tacos dorados (chicken) Open Bar: Cocktails: Blue bay, Tequila Sunrise, Cosmo, Caipiriña/ Beer/ Tequila/ Vodka Appetizers and open bar price: $ 210 pesos + 15% tax + 15% service per person (price for 1 hour) *Please excuse the mini-pizzas, I know they don't fit in with the mexican theme, but my little brother and sister are very picky eaters, so I had to through in the pizza for them.
  6. I was thinking the same thing, but I just got back from my on-site visit and I have decided to buy most of my stuff here. I'm doing maraccas too and I priced out a couple of them at different stores they are way cheaper on OTC. I am going to get there early and go to Costco for a few things for my OOT bags: water, mexican snacks and chiclets. Also, the costco in PV has Corona Light in cans they look like red bull cans, I thought they were so cute. And for the postcards, I am just waiting for Vistaprint to have one of their sales and I'll make my own, bc the ones I found in Mexico were a little expensive.
  7. tcuvicki

    WC Question

    I am working with Eva and Michael of Vallarta Weddings too for my Sept 26 wedding. I met with her last month, she is fantastic. I had saw a bunch of reviews on how great they were and my food & bev coordinator at my hotel recommended them too. I feel five million times better about the wedding after talking with her. I guess some would describe me as a bit demanding but I think it is more I just know what I want and I have complete confidence in Eva. And they are very reasonably priced too. PM me if you want more specific info
  8. tcuvicki

    promovision for photography?

    I am using them for my video and when I asked my wedding planner if I should use them for photos too. She said they are best at the video and she recommended that I look at other options for photos. She never came out and said they wern't good, but she just implied I should use someone else for photos. Hope this helps.
  9. The Presidente Intercontinental does it too, that was one of my deciding factors when I choose it for our wedding ;-)
  10. tcuvicki

    Buenaventura Wedding?

    I just got back from PV and originally we were going to have our wedding at the Buenaventura and we ended up switching locations. First off, dealing with the wedding coordinator was a nightmare! Second, when we showed up the hotel was nothing like the pics on the website. The pool area and beach is nice, but the inside of the hotel is not at all what we expected. We ended up switching to the Presidente Intercontinental. The resort is beautiful and the coordinator is great! The wedding package is $500 and the rooms are pretty affordable too. I have pics of both hotels, pm me if you have any questions.
  11. Thank you so much, you have saved me so much time and effort! Thanks again!
  12. Jessica, After reading your review, I am booking Vallarta Weddings. I just emailed Eva and hope to meet her this weekend on my site visit. Thanks for the info! Vicki