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Matt Adcock

del Sol underwater trash the dress movie

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what a great thread - and what awesome photos!


I am now even more excited about this. I bought a Canon SD700 about a year and a half ago and one of the primary reasons i chose it was the underwater setting. So i finally got around to buying the waterproof housing for our wedding trip - and i can't wait to use it!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Matt Adcock View Post
Just on the tails of our swimming with Whale Sharks, we have recently purchased an HD video camera and an underwater housing.... ok, so now I'm a videographer! HA... .not really.... but I enjoy documenting life and use my eye to put together our experiences.

Sol & I have purchased underwater housings for our pro digital camera because it is so much fun swimming in the pool, cenote, ocean...wherever... and recording footage of the fun. I actually would like to motivate all the folks on the forum to investigate purchasing an underwater housing for your own Point and shoot digital camera. They are cheap and the payoff will come instantly.

First, I'd like to give you advice based on the P&S camera that we have... I think its a Canon Powershot 850.

Regardless of our model, there are lots of small P&S cameras out there with underwater housings available and for super cheap. Here is a combo set for one that seems very affordable under $400 for both camera and housing in a kit.

Click the image to open in full size.

Most camera manufacturers make an underwater housing for all models of their P&S cameras... if you already own a camera, search out to see if there is a housing to fit around your current model. You may be surprised they are all priced in the $150-200 range... well affordable for the fun imagery.

That said, we spent a few thousand on our housing and accessories for our camera and used them for the first time. Here is a shot Sol took of me in action in & out of the water...

This was our first TTD in a cenote with the camera housing plus the housing made for our video camera... so I shot some documentary footage and had some fun....

Here is my underwater video documentary of the session... a really cool perspective :

del Sol Underwater Trash the dress | Underwater Photography on Vimeo
there are many images from the session in the end of the video...check it out :) i think its some of the most creative footage I've ever shot.

me in action with our housing for the pro camera
Click the image to open in full size.

one of the shots I got from the underworld
Click the image to open in full size.

Let me know your thoughts :)

Hi Matt:

I'm curious to know if you've done more TTD video sessions since this one was posted. If so, would you be willing to do a TTD video (I already have my photog booked and paid for, that was first on my list back on April)?

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