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Former Riu Santa Fe Brides:

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Hi everyone. I found this vid of this wedding on youtube, and i almost positive it is at The Santa Fe and was a little nervous about it.


YouTube - The Wedding


For those that got married at The Santa Fe, is this the exact location where the beach set up is?

Do you really get that many gawkers behind you and around?

Do people really holler and be loud while the ceremony is taking place?


I am not too sure what I expect I suppose, I understand that it wont be totally private, and dont mind that but really dont want a crowd hooting and hollering in the back ground!

Each to their own, but I want a romantic feel and not the rowdy feel!


I heard that thay may be working on a new location? Not sure if thats right or not.


And that area to the right...is that a construction site? ugh!


The music seemed to be loud enough which is great, now there is the dilemma of the guests hearing the vows being said.


Just wondering if the former Santa Fe brides could ease a ladies mind!!!


Thanks so much!! :)

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I don't know if that's the Riu Santa Fe but sorry that video is hilarious!


At first I thought it was their guests carrying on but at about the 1 minute mark you can see it's people in the pool. It had to be spring break or something, right? The crowd seems like a younger, partying bunch of people and there are way too many of them!


Hopefully Riu Santa Fe brides can chime in, good luck :)

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You're right that is the Santa Fe, and that's the location of the beach wedding. The first day we got there, there was a wedding going on and I saw a lot of people along the rail like this and I started getting very concerned. That wedding was at 4pm, but it turned out ok on our wedding day because our wedding was a 6pm. We only had a few people around but nothing like this. So if you can I recommend you book your wedding as late in the day as possible.

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(I just watched the frist 30 seconds and turned it off)


I was married at 4pm, there were people watching, but no one made noise or was disrespectful. I did meet a bride who was married a few days prior and she said people were fairly loud, and that she would go to the swim up bar on our wedding day and quiet everyone.


When i first saw the spot, i was a little disapointed, cuz it wasnt the romantic setting i thought it would be. But i would not chose the gazebo over the beach. You know that area where all the people are... gawking? Well the Gazebo is BESIDE that bar. You will probably like the beach better.


That being said, it was wonderful. No one was loud, but yes they were watching. I got my video back, and you could tell everyone was quiet. Yes there is a small fench there... and yes there are blue beach chairs beside the site, but to be honest, I would have NOT CHANGED location in a million years. YES i am a bit disapointed that some of the pictures you can see the blue chairs/crowd of people/ fence next door... but most of my pics blocked that all out. I had a great photographer, and i had told him i didnt want the 2cruise ships in the back groud if possible, so that was his main focus.


Look at the reviews of wedding at the Santa Fe... and dont worry too much about it!! I stood by that bar area before walking down./.. and if i felt i needed to, i could say 'hey guys PLEASE be quiet". And i am sure that would be fine... people are fairly respectful of Brides.


Ask the santa fe brides here if you have any questions! i may try and post my video for you to see, if i can figure out how!!!


GOOD LUCK, Dont worry. I am VERY happy i chose this resort, and if given the choice to go back... i WOULD NOT change where we got married!


Cabobride09..... i dont mean to bad talk the gazebo... it is actually very pretty, and on the other side of the bar, but it is not as private as the beach area. SANDRA, did you see the gazebo? To the Right of the tequila bar if facing the ocean? Cabobride09, what time of day are you getting married? If it is later in the day (than 4pm) it will be perfect sun the people sun tanning there will be gone.... and the bar will have died down a bit! i think it closes at 6pm (the bar)

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ok my first impression is that this was obviously during a very busy time there, i was just there 2 weeks ago and it was NEVER this crowded or rowdy at that pool.


2nd, it's obvious that the GM were like college frat type guys (no offense, anyone) but they were all young & hot and pumping their fists, and running up to the egde of the infinity pool to get high fives from the pool-goers. probably all week the wedidng party had been partyting with all the other guests, and everyone knew when and what time the wedding was, and they were probably drunk all week and inviting everyone to watch.


3rd, i cant believe people have so little class. regardless of the age or status of the wedding party, the guests in the pool needed to shut the FU. they were obviously not invited to the wedding, and i just think that was so rude.


and honestly, if it were me, i would totally use my power as a bridezilla and i would walk over to the edge and tell them to please shut the FU wink.gif


and i would honestly not worry about it if your wedding is later in the day, or not at a crazy party time of the year. the pool bar's DO stop serving liquor at 6pm, and most people clear out to go eat by then.


when is your wedding?

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Whoa I got dizzy trying to watch that!


That is not Santa Fe... it is in fact Riu Palace. They are right beside each other. I have photographed many weddings at Riu and it is very rare that you will see and hear a hootfest like that. Yes people hang off the edge of the infinity pool to watch the ceremony.

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Hello Mineaux,


That was a wedding filmed at RIU Santa Fe Beach. Here's my advice... Hopefully it works for you as it had worked for me.


All hotels in Cabo have weddings almost everyday, but situations like this noisy wedding can be easily avoided... For example, if you wish to have a more intimate ceremony, always tell your wedding planner in advance so he/she can be prepared with extra staff to ask guests in a politely way to keep it down during the ceremony.


If that is not possible, then your last resource is your wedding minister! Let's see, I officiate a good 95% of all weddings that take place at RIU Palace (the hotel next door) and the situation is similar. But I actually do address the people screaming in the back :) I make a remark or two about people in the "cheaper seats", welcome them and ask them to pay attention during the ceremony. By doing so, the wedding goes almost flawless until the "you may kiss the bride" where is usually where they clap/scream/whatever they do to make noise :)


But see, if the officiant doesn't show any concern about rowdy noises throughout the ceremony, then he/she are welcoming the "non-invited guest" to behave as they please.


Sometimes I had to stop the wedding briefly, just so they can be quiet. And after that, people tend to feel very embarrased it they do it again.


I understand Cabo is a party/vacation town, but no matter where... Weddings deserve to be respected as such :)


Have a beautiful day now!

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