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Importing flowers to Cabo

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Hi all,


I have a question about importing flowers into Cabo via the US or Mexico City. I have been told it is possible to import from the US, but it requires a permit. I haven't been able to find any info about such a permit and wanted to know if anyone had any further information.


Also, if the US isn't an option for importing, does anyone have recommendations for other vendors in Mexico (e.g., Mexico City), that can import flowers more cheaply than what is available in Cabo?





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jason, this isn;t a great idea...we had one bride whose uncle is a big florist and he was doing their flowers...he had them shipped from the US and they did not make it to cabo...they got a call the night before that they arrived in tijuana or something and the uncle had to drive like 6 hours each way to pick them up.

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Sorry I'm not much help but, I would say try and find a vendor down there and don't ship. Can you imagine if the big day rolled around and the flowers were lost somewhere in space? I don't know if this is an option but, have you considered using any silk or real-touch flowers? I have seen pictures where you CANNOT tell the difference, and they won't wilt! If you don't want to go that route, I'm sure you will be able to find a good vendor in Cabo!

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Hi Jsole


I agree with some of the folks here, it's better to try and find a vendor here in Cabo, here's why:


If you import them from the US you have to pay Import fees, mailing and handling, as well as shipping them from anywhere in Mexico and sadly, event though Cabo is Mexico, the shipping is more expensive since they have to go across country.


There are some really nice flower vendors down here.



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