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Chicago/Maui 2008 Newbie!

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Hi and Welcome!!!!


I am also getting married in hawaii - but big island and about 2 weeks after you!!!


congrats :)


what do you still have left to do?

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You're welcome Omy! (Hope you don't mind. I just checked your wedding website, which I absoutely loved. elefant.gif Where did you go to set up your website? My FI and I are looking for one right now.)


It seems like you're right on track and have all the important things you need. Yay!! As for me, we're not getting wedded till next year (probably in the fall), so I've still got time. We just got engaged 2 months ago today (woot!), and we're taking it slowly. We're also pacing ourselves 'cause I'm a doctoral student and he works full time in addition to grad school. We just found this site like 2 weeks ago, and we've been scouring it for info. It's been fun, and confusing at times too. Sometimes having too many options is not a good thing, lol. smile35.gifsmile43.gif


But overall, I'm just trying to enjoy this time and not freak out. No Bridezilla for this girl, lol. I'm just excited that now we've moved from having our wedding here in Cali to having a DW, which I've always wanted (WOOT!)cheer2.gif


I concur that this site is HIGHLY addictive! I have to come on here everyday, which takes up time that I could use being productive - like working on my research, lol. It's too funny. My FI just laughs at me. He can't say anything 'cause he's the one who found this site. So it's all his fault (at least that's what I like to tell myself, lol). smile120.gif


So, what made you choose Hawaii, and more specifically Wailea? Where are you getting married at? We're still trying to figure all that out. So far we've been looking into Mexico, but I'm keeping all my options open. I would love to hear how you made your decision, and feel free to PM me if you like. Thankies!! smile124.gif


~ Kemi

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Thanks so much to everyone for welcoming me, you ladies are awesome.

I'm almost done...just need a few more things..


I have no idea where to get some Bridal Jewelry? hmmm and I think i'm set after that...

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