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    Future Bride Freaked Out By Flights To DR

    Thanks everyone! Yah, we will keep looking and see what we can find. I really appreciate all the responses, and I will see what we can find regarding those airlines you mentioned. I've never heard of them before, so I'll check if they fly out of Cali too. Much love to all! Kemi
  2. kemiandhecareth

    Future Bride Freaked Out By Flights To DR

    Thanx Monica! Yah, we just realized that if it's on different days, then you can get better flights. I guess for the peeps that can only stay for two nights that they have to just bear with it. Sad... I was condering the idea of flying somewhere south and then flying out from there, but I dont' want to have to put up with checking bags twice. I think that might just get too crazy for me. Well, we still have over a year (we're planning for next Sept), so we'll see what happens I guess. My FI and I were just not very thrilled about making our west coast guests (my side, lol) go thru a travel nightmare. But I don't want to just cancel out the DR, because I'm really falling in love with it... We'll see what happens. Thanks for the response! ~ Kemi
  3. Hi everyone, Well my FI and I were just starting to narrow our choice down to PPR in DR, and then we began looking into flights just to test it out and see how it would be. We found that most flights from Cali would involve at least one layover in which you had to sleep there (the layovers were like 8 hours). No, this changed for different days, but if some of our guests left on this particular day, it would be a nightmare for them. We were checking kayak.com and expedia.com, so we were just wondering if there was some way to get flights that were not so crazily long, and I also wanted to know how you all found the flight experience to DR to be. If you're not from Cali please feel free to let me know how your flight experience was also, because our guests will be coming from all over the country, but mainly from Cali, Pennsylvania, New Orleans, and Texas. Thanks everyone! ~ Kemi
  4. kemiandhecareth

    Paradisus Punta Cana Wedding Review

    Wow, what a great review! Congratulations on your new wedding! My FI and I are considering getting hitched at Paradisius Punta Cana, and I am so glad to hear that it is possible to do it beautifully without it costing an arm and a leg. I was wondering, was the cost affordable for your guests? Just checking the booking online, it was about $900 a night or so. I am a bit worried about this, because it is quite steep for our guests. If anyone could let me know if it really costs that much or if there are better rates for groups, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!! ~ Kemi
  5. kemiandhecareth

    Realistic Punta Cana Budget

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread (but not the forum), because my FI and I just recently started shifting towards having our DW in the DR, instead of Mexico. We too are trying to keep our budget to $7000-8000. We really don't want to go too much higher than that. I am glad to hear that you think it is feasible. One other issue I am considering is the cost for our guests. They would be paying their own way, but I was wondering if it extremely expensive at the Paradisius Palma Real Punta Cana and the Majestic Colonial Punta Cana. So far, I think the lowest price they have is a little over $900/night. Is this how much it worked out to for your guests? I'm a bit troubled by this, because not everyone we're inviting is rolling in dough. Well, any extra input you all could share with me would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and happy planning to all! ~ Kemi
  6. kemiandhecareth

    Cute stuff -- Mindy Weiss

    Oh wow, this stuff is super cute! Thanks for sharing!!
  7. kemiandhecareth


    It's all good! LOL! I was just about to let you know that we're having a destination wedding when I saw that you got it. Yah, I SOOOOOOOO gotta get out of the IE for my wedding. I've grown up here most of my life. I just moved away for college and now I'm back for grad school. So I need a change of scenery for my big day. I'm very excited about going somewhere new - WOOT! And congrats to you for having your venues locked down. Thanks for also sharing the info. That was very kind of you. I just shared my previous site that I was thinking of getting hitched at (Pacific Hills in Laguna Hills) with one of my students. Sharing is caring. Good luck with the rest of your planning! ~ Kemi
  8. kemiandhecareth

    NYC Newbie here!

    Welcome Jenny and congrats! I'm glad you found this site! In the past 2 months of being engaged, I've learned how confusing it all can be. I'm glad you've found your way again, and I wish you very happy planning! ~ Kemi
  9. kemiandhecareth

    A little behind in planning?

    Congrats and welcoeme to the forum! I wish you some happy planning!
  10. kemiandhecareth

    Hello... I hope I am doing this right

    Congrats and welcome!
  11. kemiandhecareth

    Newly engaged!

    Congratulations and welcome! I'm sure you'll find so much helpful information here!
  12. kemiandhecareth

    Los Angeles Newbie

    Welcome Ayesha and congratulations!
  13. kemiandhecareth

    Planning my "real" wedding

    Welcome to the forum, and I'm glad that you're going to be able to have the wedding of your dreams. It's all about doing what you want, so more power to you, and I wish you much success and happy planning!
  14. kemiandhecareth


    Welcome Ming! I'm also in So Cal (IE to be exact). Where are you having your wedding?
  15. kemiandhecareth

    Hi Everyone - Clueless Bride

    Hi Ann! Welcome and congratulations! You've definitely come to the right place. Happy planning!