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Going Green :)

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Ha ha. Amy, I was totally going to tell you to move to Seattle because there are plenty of likeminded folks... and then I looked and you are in Port Angeles.


All we do is the canvas totes for groceries, so no new ideas for ya, unless you want to convert to solar power wink.gif

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I have to admit, I do not live green. But some of these ideas though, there are alot of things that I will start doing.

I did just walk to Target and buy some Method cleaner for the bathroom. I had no idea Method was a "green" cleaner. I thought it was just Target brand. As we run out of cleaning products I will start replacing them with green stuff. Especially now since the baby is coming. We need all the toxic stuff out of our house.

Thanks for the thread girls. I will keep ready all the ideas and try my best to participate!

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This makes me so happy that so many people are doing their part! My FI and I have made some changes, most of which have been mentioned like the no bottled water, no plastic bags, etc. We also actually turn our A/C off during the day. We live in one of those new efficient condos so all of the appliances are energy saving. (Although they are condo sized but I have learned to live with a small fridge.) I think the biggest one though is getting rid of our car. We live right downtown, we can walk to everything including work, or if we must, we can take the subway.

I am finding that I don't really miss it.


If anyone comes up with some new ideas to be 'green' please post!!!



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Another way to be more energy efficient is upgrade old windows and weatherproof all doors. Keeps cool air in (or out) depending on the season by reducing drafts etc.


Using a programable thermostat will help too. You can program it to go off and on at the same time each day. For example, have it go off or down when you leave for work and turn on right before you come home. You can also make it do that at night when your sleeping...there are even rebates available if you upgrade to a programable thermostat.


My city also offers a rebate on your water bill if you upgrade to a more water efficient toilet (low flush). You have to take a pic of the old toilet in place, take a pic of the new efficient toilet installed and show proof of purchase...

I'm definetly changing all the old toilets in my house in the next year!

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These are all such wonderful tips! I'm so excited there are people like me who are trying to green up their lives. I totally don't consider myself a "hippie" but feel like no one really talks about these issues being part of the mainstream. We are moving in the right direction :) smile159.gif


I forgot about the unplugging things when you aren't using them...that is such an overlooked use of energy consumption most people aren't aware of.


Keep em' coming!

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I had no idea that Method was a green product. I need to purchase that next time I am in need of supplies.


I recycle everything I can. I was so proud when we reduced our trash container to one and got an extra recycle container.


I need to start unplugging appliances from the wall, that is such an easy thing to do.


My FI and I carpool whenever he is not traveling.

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great thread amy! Thinking on the things we have done:


*replaced paper towels with cloth napkins/cloth rags

*recycle everything possible

*limit the use of the furnace (but i do lov hot showers)

*we both take public transportation to work

*buy locally grown organic produce & meat (there is a farmer's market 3 blocks from us on saturdays)

*turn off the power strip during the day

*Use reusable coffee mugs, but I just gave up coffee this week, so i use it for water during my workouts

*filed for paperless bills for all our utilities/credit cards



I really like morgan's idea about the credit card offers. Thanks for the ideas ladies!!!

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I admit, I do not do a good job of living green.


But I'm glad you posted about this because I see that there are some small, easy to do things that I can do that will make a difference.

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Finally a thread! I thought of posting a spin off on the "what are you doing for your wedding". But my family calls me a crunchy hippie so I didn't. I do admit I'm kinda crunchy. I had to start slow but living in Colorado makes it so easy b/c there are alot of crunchy people here! But some things irritate me when I know people who only go green because it's "In" not because they are thinking of our earth long term. Ok rant over. Ok so our things....


*Using canvas bags for shopping. I love some cities banning plastic bags..

*No plastic bottles...again some restaurants stopping selling plastic bottles (I Love Kleen Kanteen to refill)

*No paper towels (I haven't gotten as far as getting rid of toilet paper but I know some people who use family cloth!)

*Eating organic and locally grown meat

*Don't drink cows milk (don't know if this counts)

*Our compost pile!

*Our garden! YUM!

*We don't eat processed foods or boxed foods ex. mac and cheese or hamburger helper

*Storing food in glass instead of plastic. (Plastics leech chemicals!)

*Bills online


*This one might be gross to you guys. I don't use tampons! I use a diva cup! No non biodegradable waste! SO EASY!

Tampons and such don't biodegrade either and after going through the system has to be scraped off the top of the waste! DISGUSTING!

*Again above if ever needed use cloth pads.

*We rarely use air. We leave windows and always have our front door open. We use a water cooler. We have no central air!

*Use eco friendly paint.

*No harsh chemicals

*Natural toothpaste

*We filter our water and use pond water to water our grass and garden.

*Use natural makeup products and bar soap instead of soap in plastic bottles. Including shampoo.


The below are things I can't do yet but I have already discussed and researched and even bought things to do when I get preggo!

*Only CLOTH Diapers. I get so disgusted by disposable diapers. Thinking of how many are in landfills and that they don't biodegrade grosses me out. YUCK! Plus those chemicals on my baby's bottom! EW!

*I plan on nursing but if needed only glass bottles!

*No plastic sippies. Kleen Kanteen!

*ABSOLUTELY NO plastic toys or battery operated. Great websites with great wooden toys and cloth dolls and such.

*Buying only organic cotton clothing (No pesticides)

*No plastic swings I love the kanga hanger thinger (It's wooden hangs in doorway)

*No flame retardent chemical baby mattress!


I don't think this is everything but off the top of my head it is!

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