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Hello Ladies

I love reading all of your posts! Its so nice to get advice from brides who have been married or are getting married at the same place.


Your pic is gorgeous ! I tried to add you on Facebook I would really like to see your pics. I am getting married at the RPRM in 33 days ! I cant wait!

If you don't mind will you add me Amanda Velaine Tucker

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Been MIA lately ladies- lots of drama at home!!! See: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...own-now-59484/


OMG Linds I adore your new siggy pic!!! Sorry to hear about the drama w/ Rebecca, but I'm glad everything else went well. I am also SUPER grateful about the photographer advice, as I've said previously, it has been a major stressor for me. Can you add me on FB? I couldn't find you for some reason: Jannae Ibarra- my little white dog is my profile pic. Congrats!!


And STILL have yet to hear from anyone from RIU!!!!!! Ugh.

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Lindsay... LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pix :-)

Cant wait for your review & totally loving your siggy pic, Absolutly loving that umberella!! Its fab :-)

You look amazing. You both just look so so happy.... ARGH.... Im so so excited xoxo

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Hi girls!

Okay, it's about to be 1 a.m. my time... but just finished my sample invitation and had to hear what you guys thought!


Here's the link to the DIY forum thread I created:




Good luck Paige! You are coming up in just days now!

And Jannae, I'm sure you'll be taken care of. This is probably the high season... and they're probably a bit in over their heads.


It's officially 13 months until my wedding! (LOL... can you tell I'm bored?)

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Adrienne- the invites seriously look amazing! I think you should use the blue envelopes! I love the color and its always exciting to get something pretty and colorful in your mailbox wink.gif

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Adrienne- You invites are gorgeous! You did an awesome job! I like the color too.


Jannae-My sister lives in LA. She actually lives in West Hollywood. It's a great place to be. I can give you her contact information so you can email and ask her questions about the area. She's been there for about 6 years now and she could tell you good places to look. She just got a new apartment 6 months ago and could give you a good idea of that too. Just let me know if you want her contact info. I know she won't mind.

I read your other post, what are you going to do about a job? Do you have to search for a new one now?

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Jannea- I am going to read about your move now. I sent you a PM about the riu blog with all of the flower options..., I'm adding you on FB. Don't stress about not hearing from the RIU. Honestly everything you discuss via email can be planned during your meeting! They are SUPER busy right now. I can't get them to respond to me about my missing chair bows and they didnt' answer my questions that I had sent 2 weeks bfore the wedding. Honestly it was no big deal at all. We just nailed everything down during the meeting and they walk you right through every little detail. Just go prepared and organized with a list of everything you want!

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