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For those of you that ordered from Davids Bridal...

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I just found my perfect dress @ Davids (style V9458- sorry i couldnt post it) but I have a bit of a dilemma.....

I am super short- 5'1ish....and I do not want to have the train on the dress (and i dont want to bustle it either).


I can order the dress in petite but it will come with the train......so i will have to get that taken off...annnd even though they take 4 inches off everywhere in the dress, i may even still need to get the dress shortened more because i am planning on going barefoot...




I can order the dress regular WITHOUT the train.....so i would just have to get it shortened, but then with my being shorter than everyone else, the dress because its regular all around may look out of proportion...


i tried the dress on in regular and i personally LOVED how it fit, and how it looked...but the saleslady said that its suppose to fit lower and she said it would look better proportioned with my size if i got the petite..


my wedding is april 21st 2009......they said that i can order the dress in petite with a train and it will come in 3 months........has anyone gotten their dress from david bridal this quicklyhuh.gif


she also said that if it didnt fit right and i wanted to go to the regular i can order it again regular without the train...but then it would be another 3 months, IF it actually does come in on time.....


What would you ladies do?! Go with the petite? Go with the regular? I am showing my mom who lives out of town the dress in a couple of weeks (thats the earliest we could get together and have an appt.) so i will be ordering it mid July....i would be ok if i HAD to order the dress a second time around, but thats only IF the dress actually does come in the 3 months they said it would...



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I just realized that the dress you picked is the one that I am thinking of getting! It is absolutely gorgeous! I would definitely order the petite size in that one and have the alterations made to fit you. Because of the way it is suppossed to fit around the waist & hip area, I think it might not fall right on you.


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I had a friend who got married within 3 months and got her dress from DB within that time. I'm sure if you asked them for a rush shipping they'd do it.. BUT with your wedding being in April 09, you have time to return and order another dress if need be. My first DB dress I ordered in Nov, got it in March. My second dress (returned the first) I ordered in April and will have it July 24

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