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    In-suite reception

    Seriously thinking bout doing the in-suite reception and would love to hear how it worked out for all of you.....i know this thread was started quite a while ago. Love the Terrace suite at MGM but am having trouble getting pricing on it. MalibuBarbie
  2. MalibuBarbie

    Carnival Mexican Riveria Cruise & Cabo Wedding!

    It all depends upon which cruise line, which ship amd length of cruise. Could be anywhere from a couple hundred dollars for a 3 or 4 day on Carnival to thousands on Princess in a suite for 11 days! LOL It all depends upon your budget MalibuBarbie
  3. MalibuBarbie

    Carnival Mexican Riveria Cruise & Cabo Wedding!

    Hi everyone.....how is everyone's planning going? Been having trouble with my back so I have been out of the loop for a bit but looking forward to hear how everyone is doing! MalibuBarbie
  4. MalibuBarbie

    Carnival Mexican Riveria Cruise & Cabo Wedding!

    I am so EXCITED! We were finally able to book our cruise today! I know it is still so far away, but it all seems so much more real now! I have to get our save the date information together now and send out to the few people that we wouldn't mind going with us. I am absolutely thrilled that we are going with the cruise wedding. I feel NO pressure what so ever and this is exactly what I want---stress free wedding planning! So, how is everyone's planning going? Anything new to report? Barbie
  5. MalibuBarbie

    Carnival Mexican Riveria Cruise & Cabo Wedding!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted. I took a break away from wedding planning for a few months because my mom passed away. We have now realized that its time to start the planning again. We were alittle discouraged because Princess had stopped offering the cruise we wanted to go on but the good news is that they have brought it back for 2011 so we are happy that we can go where we originally wanted to and not settle for something else. The even better news is that they added another day and port to the itinerary so we will going on the 12 day cruise to the Mexican Riveria and we will be getting married at sea. While they released the itinerary, they haven't released the bookings yet so we have a few more weeks before we can actually book it but I am just so excited again! Oh, we will be going by ourselves unless my best friend and my sister decide that they can afford to come. Either way, I am ok with it....after the last 6 months being so horrible, we want (and need!) a stress-free wedding/honeymoon and with having little planning to do with the wedding ceremony part, this is the way to go for us. We are still planning to do the TTD photos in Cabo so we need to start looking into that---I don't know how hard it is going to be to find a photographer to do this while we are in port. So....how is everyone's planning going? Well...talk to you all soon! MALIBUBARBIE
  6. MalibuBarbie

    Beachbride08's Planning Thread!!!

    Everything looks great! Seems like you have been very organized! Congrat's! Barbie
  7. MalibuBarbie

    Newbie-Hopefully Los Cabos :)

    Welcome to the best place to find info on Cabo weddings! Barbie
  8. MalibuBarbie

    I may be losing my job tomorrow!

    That really stinks. Hopefully the meeting is for something else---maybe just a different kind of cutback. Keep us posted! Barbie
  9. Bradley Frasier posted a link to the Cabo San Lucas Photographers - Photographic, Photography and Video - Los Cabos, Mexico but it was dated a while ago. Does anyone know if this list is the most updated list available? Barbie
  10. All I can saw is WOW! You are incredibly organized! Congratulations! Barbie
  11. I love the beading on your dress. Congratulations on finding the "one"! Barbie
  12. MalibuBarbie

    Pre Cruise Newsletter?

    I would definitely send out a newsletter. Yes, the most important thing to you and your fiance is the wedding but everyone is going on a cruise! What's not to be deliriously happy about! If I was invited to a wedding cruise, I would be thrilled to receive any little tidbits that will help get ready for it! I say GO FOR IT! I think I will send our newsletter out about 60 days prior to sailing (if we have anyone going with us!) Barbie
  13. MalibuBarbie

    Letter to go with my luggage tags

    Sounds great Cattie! If we have any sailing guests, I will have to borrow this! Barbie
  14. MalibuBarbie

    So angry with Yesica at Dreams

    I'm sorry that you are upset and I can totally understand why. You have spent alot of time and money to go down there and plan your wedding and it sounds from your post that you feel as though she kind of "dissed" you. I know you are upset but don't let it spoil the fun of your planning. The upside is that I have not read any posts from brides that regretted having their wedding at Dreams---they all seem to be very happy with the outcome of their day. The downside is that, as others have said, it appears that she works on the upcoming weddings first. If I were you, I would iron out the absolute crucial details(such as date & time) and then post here. There are alot of Dreams brides and Tammy! If you can't get an answer here, I am sure someone can point you in the right direction. I am also sure she is not dis-interested in you and your wedding. Were you happy with the tour with Maye? Do you have questions that only Yesica can answer or can Maye help you with some of your questions/requests? I hope everything starts looking up for you! Good luck! Barbie
  15. MalibuBarbie

    Touring Explorer of the Seas

    I guess other cruise lines are now going to offer the tour for their brides to be. I got a reply to my request for information from the Wedding Experience(which is the only way to get married on a cruise ship) and they sent me info on NCL not Princess. Anyway, the email said that you could contact your wedding coordinator to arrange a tour of NCL ships. Come on Princess, start offering tours! LOL Barbie